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New Human/5D Energy Pie

This is an essential tool for the transition to new being, new life, new relationships with one another and all of existence. This simple pie chart is a tangible, visual support in understanding how you flow your energy in any…...

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New Human T-Shirts – Make A Statement, Share Your Light

Featuring a favorite New Human quote ~
My mind is a clear pool of water
My heart is a chalice of light
The shirts are a unisex design and come in XS, S, M & L!
Email me and place your order

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The Choice Of Expansion

Oh my, beautiful Mother ~ beautiful Light. October thus far, has been a many faceted gift of insight, illumination, truer perception, deeper feeling and connection to what is true… and oh so much reflection of Divine Feminine beckoning us into

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Coming More Into Light, Unity Meditation

Let us come together in Unity, in strength, in resiliency and compassion, in solidarity, in renewal, in transformation and in peace. We are One World, united in our desire to see all people free from harm, happy and living in

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Divine Unfoldments

One of my favorite New Human mantras is “Clear the way ~ and the way will be made clear.” I feel the energetic invitation of this mantra so strongly in this NOW. There is beautiful presence here ~ and beautiful

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Creating New Landscapes ~ Heart Mantra

Gratitude to the many who co-created such a beautiful container for Divine Human yesterday. The Heart Mantra was woven throughout this webcast ~ using and embodying this mantra on a regular basis will forever change you. GATE GATE PARAGATE PARASAMGATE

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A New Dream Of Humanity ~ Divine Human Emergence October 8th 2017

NEW WEBCAST SUNDAY OCT 8 This will be a powerful webcast with the Divine Human, Cosmic Mother and New Feminine at the center. We will look at the shocking displays of imbalance everywhere in our world through the lens of...

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