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Beautiful Living, Nurturing Your Body, Mind And Spirit

Whether you live in Asheville, have ever visited Asheville or have always wanted to – there is an excitingly EPIC and extraordinary experience on the horizon JUST FOR YOU!
The newly expanded ASHEVILLE YOGA FESTIVAL will be this coming July 27th,

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Gateways And Eclipses, Aligning With Mastery

Blessings New Humans,
The next two weeks offer the opportunity to further refine what we desire from existence as the old systems continue to dismantle and fall away. As always, the energies present support both personal and global clearing away of

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Embracing Change, Being OM ~

Good Morning and Many Blessings,
Ommm is the order of the day New HUmans~ everyday, within the many facets of our lives and the greatly changing landscape of our world, may we return again and again, to Om. Om is an

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Gratitude ~ Gathering Momentum!

Good Morning Light Tribe,
Gratitude to the many who were present and holding space for yesterday’s New Human Transmission. We are piloting very new and unfamiliar atmospheres and discovering just how much work and dedication is necessary to stay conscious, heart

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February 1st 2017 – Energy Rising

New Paradigm ~ New Perspective ~ New HUman ~ Now Year! If you have felt you always have been trying to find yourself and your place and YOUR life – this is the year that will happen for many. But...

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February New Human: Energy Rising

Hello Shiny New Humans Everywhere,
I shared with you when the December Gateway opened that we would have stretchmarks on our consciousness from the combined activity of a new administration in the U.S and the intensity of shifting to a new

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Who We Are Today

Blessings To All Beings Everywhere,
I have just returned from a full spectrum immersion of energies in DC over the last few days. From the US Inauguration of the 45th President, to the Million + Woman’s March respectively, this experience was

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To A New Reality ~ An Open Invitation

The Grail of the Feminine urges us to open our minds
to a new vision of reality,
a revelation of all cosmic life as a divine unity…
It is to be born into a world lit by an invisible radiance,
Ensouled by

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January 15th – 15 Turkey Vultures

Turkey Vultures are about purification, death, rebirth – I LOVE them – I could have stood in this spot all day (early morning dog playdate) – they teach how to use your own energy powerfully and efficiently… really significant

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Yearning Into Passion Into Service

Blessings of Light on the Path, to ALL,
It is unusual to have so many New Day posts right after a live transmission, but it has been a BIG WEEK! Please spend time with the energy and intel in each –

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