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The Freedom Of Unity Consciousness ~ June 3 2018

I AM every human, I AM every color, I AM Earth and Sky, I AM Water and Fire. I AM the air that every living thing breathes, I AM the beating heart, the sorrow and joy, the aching and bliss,…...

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Strange Things And Radical Transformation, Part 2

Dear New Human Tribe of Light.
We are mid way through this week of incredible lightening and opening ~ today has definitely been a peak of this energy, a strong trigger point. My thymus has been quite active most of the

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New Moon, Divine Influx

How beautifully can you live with uncertainty?
Dear New HUman Family of my Heart,
So much of where we are now, the experiences we are gathering and witnessing, adjusting to and embodying are beyond the capacity of our language. I went to

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Strange Things and Radical Transformation

I was thinking today about a Netflix show called Stranger Things. It is about the upside down and inside out of worlds most don’t consider, worlds that are always watching, influencing, upsetting the status quo and luring us into mystery,

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