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Solstice Gift, 2018

Women Of The Dragon Fire ~

Summer Solstice Bonfire ~ Playa Espadilla Sur, Costa Rica

Good Morning Light Tribe,
I Am sure many of you are still in deep process from the Solstice Gateway, trying on the new levels of activation and

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Raw Protein Energy Balls – YUM!

Morning Light Tribe ~ I just returned from Costa Rica and the New Human Summer Solstice Retreat. All that sunshine and fresh fruit, ocean magic and wonder-filled outdoor activity is still dancing around in my body, my heart and my…...

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Celebrating The Light ~ Summer Solstice Gateway

You have seen my descent- now watch my rising. Rumi
These days of June leading up to the Solstice Gate have been powerful and transformative; personally, globally, planetarily and cosmically. Like a newly sprouting seed determined to push through the dark

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New Moon In Gemini

New Moon In Gemini ~ June 13th, 3:43pm Eastern
Clear your mind, plant a seed, water it with confident decision and be still as it manifests. This Gemini Full Moon is all about refining your focus in this NOW ~

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May Reverence In Us Dwell ~ June Trajectories

You weren’t born a person of cringe and contraction. You were born as energy, as life, made of the same stuff as stars, blossoms, breezes. You learned contraction to survive, but that was then. Anne Lamott
There is a beautiful invitation

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