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Cosmic Amplification!

HERE I AM AGAIN!! This moment is SO huge and SUCH a gift for humanity that I just feel to keep connecting in ~ sending etheric hugs and reminding you how much you are loved.
The awareness anchoring as we

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

 Heart Open Fully, Face To The Sun, I Live My Brightest Light
Please spend some moments each day with the blog about all the events this week and the energies underway ~ and share freely as many are needing support:

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The Wormhole

I am in the wormhole – have been for some time now –
no one who has not been there can know what is asked of one –
required in exchange for remembrance –
few are called – fewer still, remain.
And the waiting?

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Living The Practice ~ Body, Mind, Spirit

I AM Seriously Excited and Grateful and STOCKED that the Super Spectacular NOT TO BE MISSED Asheville Yoga Festival is just ONE WEEK AWAY!!
An eclectic array of presenters including the most talented and popular yoga teachers from around the

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Profound Shifts, Healing The Human Soul

New Earth, Divine Mother ~
I deepen in my stillness to receive you.
I feel my heart open and my wisdom expand,
Pure Unity Consciousness ~ a very different experience.
My days are increasingly surreal, dreamlike and otherworldly.
Christed, the Cosmos opens inside of me,

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New Moon Solar Eclipse, FOCUS and Intent

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer
July 12, 2018 10:47pm eastern
A woman walked into yoga this morning commenting on how emotional she was feeling because the Moon was in Cancer. I just smiled and sat calmly as she chatted on.

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Moringa Leaf

Moringa Leaf is one of my favorite “superfoods” that I use daily. Moringa is touted as a superfood because it is rich in antioxidants and nutrients like calcium, magnesium, essential amino acids, iron, Vitamin C, B6, Riboflavin and Vitamin A,…...

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Webcast: July 8 2018 ~ The Unification Of 5D

Shine Like the Universe Is Yours Rumi Beauty and Grace, Light and Tranquility ~ oh the writhing and toil, the sweat and dis-ease that accompany new beginnings and epic transformation. We are exactly where we need to be, exactly who...

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5D Earth Experience

Please See Video On YouTube: Voice ~ Anders Holt Theme ~ Lemurian Homecoming A beautiful container that, not surprisingly, attracted right into my experience upon returning from Costa Rica and the Summer Solstice Gateway. I do not know Anders...

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