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April And Your Body ~ Beauty In Balance

Your extended body is the environment you live in. So keeping the physical body happy and healthy is key. Once you truly inhabit your inner environment, mastering its wants, its needs and ability to remain balanced in well being and…...

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Crystalline Earth Emergence and Embodiment

One week ago it seemed as if the whole of existence danced with metaphor and Divine Light ~ so palpable and beautiful and vast was Easter Day, 2018. I was grateful and honored to create a New HUman container of

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Strong Like A River

I AM fascinated and curious, intrigued and grateful for all the ways the existence around me is responding to my intention of living more fully in my body, my heart and my mind in this Embodiment year. Recently I have

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Willing to experience aloneness,
I discover connection everywhere;
Turning to face my fear,
I meet the warrior who lives within;
Opening to my loss,
I gain the embrace of the universe;
Surrendering to emptiness,
I find fullness without end.

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April New Human – Golden Age And Embodiment 4/1/2018

As Above, So Below ~ The Golden Light of Om Take a moment to be with the image above ~ it reflects both giving and receiving, a precious gift, a new understanding of power, co-creation, crystalline bridge, responsibility, grace and...

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Spring Equinox ~ A Time To Shine

Take a moment to breathe in and meditate on this exquisite being, Peacock. Embodiment is very much about Confidence in who you are, standing proud in full display of your beauty and true colors. Don’t be afraid to let them

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Earth Magic, Earth Medicine

So many magical things, evidence of LIGHT and promise, new experiences of new LIFE, invitations to deepen and open the heart and embrace embodied existence!
A beautiful soul named Marni came in January to experience mystical life and grow her spirit.

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New Moon In Pisces ~ Incredible Gift

Morning Namaste’ New Humans,
I AM off to join with the Ancient Mysteries group – week 2… but not before connecting with each of you on this AMAZING, DREAMY, POWERFUL New Moon Day. Officially this Pisces Moon arrives @ 9:11am eastern,

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Notice The Peace ~ and Breathe

Sky above me, Earth below me, Peace within me. Ommmm ~

Namaste’ Beautiful Beings,

The above mantra is one I find myself saying many times a day now ~ listening to the rhythm of my feet on the earth, attuning my mind

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Living A Higher Truth – Webcast 3/4/18

I think we would all agree, we are seemingly surrounded by a myriad of impossible scenarios in our world. Just when we think we cannot be more shocked or unhinged, that our hearts cannot negotiate any more depth of loss…...

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