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Aligning With Truth ~ Thoughts To Ponder

It is possible to climb out of the box and get back in touch with the world. Unplugging from the unconscious wheel of life to once again touch and be touched by the sacred is about shifting our view on

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Matcha Smoothie Bowl

Good Morning Beautiful Humans! I had to share this AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL, healthy treat with you. I wanted to call is  Gorgeous Green Goddess 😉 or Green Goddess Goodness… I just love and so appreciate beautiful food that is close…...

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Eclipsing The Unessential! (Tribute to Mary Oliver)

On the January New Human webcast (…/january-2019-new-human-new-year/ ) I talked about the need for simplicity in our lives. I live in a pretty small (sweet) space and only have what fits in comfortably without clutter. My mantra around things

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Total Lunar Eclipse

The New Light entering in with 2019 and the first eclipse of the year on Saturday the 5th initiated a deep process of transformation that “eclipses” this Sunday with the Blood Moon Eclipse. Just WOW! The energies anchoring this weekend

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New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse

Welcome the NOW with ALL your heart~
Open to the NEW, it is ALL around you.
Express GRATITUDE for EACH moment.
Set your intention and STATE your Desires out loud.
BE OPEN to the NEW LIGHT that is here NOW
Align ALL with Divine

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