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Webcast: December 22 2019 ~ The Great Drawing Inward

Namaste’ to this beautiful tribe, I spent the early morning hours of Thanksgiving Day climbing to this magnificent waterfall. The windchill was in the upper 20’s and the steep, rocky ascent required fortitude and commitment ~ but the rewards were...

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Blessings Of Peace and JOY to my AMAZING New Human Family,
A few days ago I stopped in our local Co-op to pick up some herbs to make tea. As synchronicity goes and flows ~ I wound up there at the

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It Is A Very Full NOW!

This image is such a beautiful expression of the current energies. Full Moons are a time of spiritual completion and harvest. With this timely Full Moon landing right before the 12/12 Gateway… energies of love and fullness, wisdom and healing

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All Heaven And Nature Sings!

Magical Earth
Sacred Ground
Holy Mother
Christed Nature
Vibrational World
Light of the Universe
Multidimensional Being
Energy Flowing
We Glow in your Becoming.
Beloved Light Tribe,
The opening now is immense – feel the expanse and the JOY in your Soul. The Soul has really come on line as the

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