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Essence And Rise, Activation This Week!!

Namaste’ One and All,
I have received emails lately that are asking similar questions, so I decided a “group share” would be beneficial. The teachings and remembrance of the New Human, which supports cellular upgrade to a new genetics and the

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New Perceptions Bound By Oneness

Beloved Light Tribe,
This post is going to have a lot in it – so buckle up and maybe grab a cup of tea! There is SO MUCH going on – so much magnified and SHIFTING since the Equinox 2019. We

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The Great Revealing

You will find its beginning in any circumstance, within any moment, the world over… you may be seeking it fervently or it may catch you by surprise. It may appear within the shadows or dazzle you with its brilliance… but

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The Next Step

Dancing in the meeting of the waters ~
the Divine Masculine meets the Divine Feminine
We are negotiating very refined spaces while remembering how to intuit our way into greater expansion ongoing. In 5D, we are no longer concerned with and

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Blue Light/Plasma Bridges/New Moon/Unity Meditations!

Stimulating the NEW in our minds, our bodies, our hearts and our world – I will talk about the Blue Light energy on this Sunday’s webcast ~ but I wanted to share these images with you. This energy is alive,

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April 7 2019 ~ Becoming Divine Reflections

We are learning so much about love, this humanity. In this radiantly amplified now, our task and transformation comes in loving and finding beauty, even the gift, in moments and experiences that fall short of our expectations or somehow appear…...

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The Opportunity of Love

Dear Beautiful Community, New HUman Family and Light Tribe ~I AM off on the grand adventure that is the New Zealand Global Light Expansion Event. Know that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you are very much a

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Pisces New Moon ~ Reset, Renew and Remember

Pisces New Moon, Wednesday March 6, 11:03am Eastern
Be present with the beautiful feminine invitation of this New Moon ~ so many gifts being extended into this NOW for the sake of RISING and returning to true and powerful

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March 2019 ~ Here We Go!

We are all feeling it ~ that something new, something different in ways that can’t be explained… something vulnerable, innocent somehow, yet so strong in place and purpose; something pushing through from the deep.
Welcome to March! In Asheville,

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Light Expansion ~ Forming Greater Alliances

Dear Light Tribe,
Yesterday, on the Full Moon, I sent an invitation to Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand. I introduced my Self and this body of work that is the New Human. I shared that the essential understanding

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