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New Year, New You ~ Gut Brain Health

I AM this human, with this body, this mind,
this soul and this heart –
what can I do every single day
to take care of this body, this being –
in order to live the best version of my Self…
the most fulfilled life

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All Is Made Beautiful ~

“all is made beautiful”
The frequencies flowing in are quite powerful. There is a beautiful refinement and amplification of our Crystalline Heart underway. This is manifesting as so much love flowing through our consciousness, deeply felt levels of forgiveness, of

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Cauldron Of Changes

  This song and artist was gifted to me on the 12/12 by a beautiful woman who came to experience vortex energies with me. I listened to it so many times leading up to the Solstice Gateway 2020 and carried...

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Christmas Love, Holy Light

Namaste’ New Humans,
Take a moment and breathe the above image into your heart. Let all thoughts go… and just breathe in the frequency, the vibrational pulse of geometric Light; a new compass within

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Webcast: December 13, 2020 ~ Solstice Gateway 2020!

Namaste’ New HUmans, Happy 12/12, Happy Everything, Happy the rest of your life. Today is the opening of a passage that will peak with the Solstice Gateway and anchor in a New Earth Now Reality for our world in 2021.…...

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The Dawning Of A New Age

The New Light is here and I AM walking into it without pause, without thought. Freedom codes spiral through the atmosphere, expanding my heart, activating ancient memory deep within my cells. I AM re-membering my Self to Love, to Christ

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A Tremendous Gift, The WOW NOW!

💫Feel the New Light 💫
Drink it into your cells through your breath, your skin, your feeling nature. The New Earth Harmonics are so much stronger – powerful – calling human consciousness into RISE, clarity and ultimate peace.
There is a fantastical

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Reclaiming Our Lives Part 2, ION Gut Biome

Namaste’ New HUmans,
What an incredible, centered, light-filled and expansive 11/11 portal yesterday! There was a profound depth of clearing present that really served to keep us in our bodies, in the moment, to fully receive the direct beam of Light

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Reclaiming Our Lives In Times Of Great Change

I was in the woods by 6:45 this morning ~ grateful for the light and beauty that surrounded me. I climbed to 3 different waterfalls, a cave, visited an old tree friend that is far off any trails and a

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Webcast: November 11 2020 ~ Embodying The LIGHT of Truth

Blessings of Everything True to this Beautiful HUman Family, What an incredibly expansive, elucidating and essentially transformative period of our hUman history we find ourselves in. A time of showing up and staying centered in the very best version of...

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