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Where Do We Go From Here

I read a book this last week, just feeling connected to and honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. It is the last book he wrote before his assassination called, Where Do We Go From Here. A fitting title then, and now!

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The Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

I attribute the humor in the title of this post to the Shining Ones!! GRATITUDE for the stellar showing of new humans today for this first transmission of a NEW DECADE!! I so appreciate this light tribe!

I returned to

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Webcast: January 19th 2020 ~ The Harmonizing Of A World

Embrace this NOW ~ wrap it around you and feel the promise of a new vision for our world. There is so much inspiration in the field, people standing up, using their voice, offering hope, demonstrating a new strength, saying…...

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1/11 ~ The Harmonizing Of A World Part 2!

Make no mistake about it ~ we live in an intense reality! Everything in the known reality ~ climate, politics, the economy, social and cultural tensions, the threat of war and a seeming void of any moral compass. This same

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2020 – The Harmonizing Of A World

It is a very big NOW ~ infinite blessings of Oneness and Peace to ALL,
As we begin this new journey into a new year and decade of being human on

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