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Standing Strong In Your Spiritual Identity

Hello Beloveds,
I feel such gratitude to be a part of this community! Even if I do not hear from you personally, I feel you and know you are there. Thank-you for the Light and intention you carry, thank-you for remaining

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Finding Flow ~ April On The Horizon

Hey all you beautiful people. I hope you are feeling strong and confident in the clarity of these current events.
Everyday – I feel a strong foundation of being SO in Love with this now, of feeling SO much gratitude. This

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And The People Shall Rise, Part 2

And the world slowed down. The people became still and turned within where imagination is strong. They used the gift of time to do things they have always wanted to do; read good books, create new recipes with love and

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And The People Shall Rise

Dear New Human FAMILY!!!
First, I AM SO GRATEFUL for all of you! I felt SO loved yesterday when the initial opening of the show caused a POWER SURGE – and I was about 5 minutes late getting these beautiful waves

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A Reminder💞

Dear New Human Collective,
WOW! This NOW! Incredibly beautiful things are happening ~ even with all the mental and emotional debris flying around in the field, EVERYTHING is in a forward momentum. As so much dismantles in the lower realms of

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Webcast: March 15 2020 ~ Stepping Out On The Way

March is FULL ON ACCELERATION. March is pristine and persistent with the presence of clarity, a felt refinement of a truer identity and purpose. I just feel so grateful ~ about nothing in particular and everything in general. There is…...

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