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Music has been such a great stabilizer and uplifter for me during the Coronovirus Event! I will be sharing some songs, inspirations, words of wisdom and beautiful imagery with you here over the next weeks. This video, Medicine, is our…...

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And The People Shall Rise, Part 5

Blessings of Peace and Wonder to this New Human Collective,

I feel as if I AM standing with all of my brothers and sisters of humanity, looking out on a very new day dawning. I feel that rise inside of me

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Happy Divine Mother’s Day To All 💞

I am here.
I am the peace you are waiting for.
I am the cosmic power in your own being.
I am your deepest nature, 
Luminous wisdom weaving all things.

I am calling. I know you hear me,
and yet you turn and look

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What If…

What if…
everything that is happening NOW,
is for your benefit?

Blessings to this Powerful Light Tribe,
The above question is one that has been pressing on my heart and consciousness for the last couple of weeks. It is a reminder that every

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