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Everything Is Different, Eclipse Update – and NEW WEBCAST!

once an ember, now a flame
impossible to contain.
Rise Brothers and Sisters Rise.

Namaste’ New Humans,
THANK YOU!! Thank you for believing in a world that is beautiful and filled with promise and light. THANK YOU for lighting a candle

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Solstice Gateway

Everyday, in every moment, within every experience
the Light
poised before every thought you think
every choice you make
every breath you take
the Light.
Blessings to this Beautiful Light Tribe,
As I sit to create this post to you, I feel an incredible welling of

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Harnessing Energy For Good!

Namaste New Humans, ❣️
I want to talk to you about 2 very different worlds. One of those worlds is represented by the image you see above. I was out for my morning run with the dogs. I felt inspired to

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