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Webcast: September 6 2020 ~ Up Above, September RISE

Rise Expand Breathe Accept Allow Breathe Trust Know Breathe Love Embrace BE New Perspective New Choices New Possibilities New Opportunities New Family New Community New Gifts New Purpose Namaste’ New HUmans, I just returned from Brandon, Florida, where I grew...

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Unity Is Unity, Love Is Love

Nature’s Dream Catcher –
the Light shining SO brightly onto and through the NEW DREAM of humanity – a conscious, free, unified experience of Divine New Human, the Christed Self. In this alignment of your truest expression of beingness – you

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Lions Gate Portal 8/8/20

The Earth speaks in a powerful way
reassuring us with her magic, her radiance
and her playful, joyful heart
that we, too, are wise and powerful
in our capacity to see the subtle realms,
to walk between worlds,
to understand ourselves and existence
as ONE many faceted

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Strong Alignments Activating

Power RISING from within
Lion’s Gate 2020
Good Morning Beautiful Family!
The Lions Gate portal so far has been very expansive with deep waves of healing, clearing and reset on behalf of powerful new alignments. The 2020 energies

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