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A Tremendous Gift, The WOW NOW!

💫Feel the New Light 💫
Drink it into your cells through your breath, your skin, your feeling nature. The New Earth Harmonics are so much stronger – powerful – calling human consciousness into RISE, clarity and ultimate peace.
There is a fantastical

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Reclaiming Our Lives Part 2, ION Gut Biome

Namaste’ New HUmans,
What an incredible, centered, light-filled and expansive 11/11 portal yesterday! There was a profound depth of clearing present that really served to keep us in our bodies, in the moment, to fully receive the direct beam of Light

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Reclaiming Our Lives In Times Of Great Change

I was in the woods by 6:45 this morning ~ grateful for the light and beauty that surrounded me. I climbed to 3 different waterfalls, a cave, visited an old tree friend that is far off any trails and a

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