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There Is A Lot Going On!!!

Hello Beautiful People,
We are still in the beautiful harmonizing and expanding energies of the Equinox ~ and along comes this exquisite Full Moon in Libra with more grace and supports for NEW in our lives. Deep dives into zero point

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Spring Equinox 2021!

Namaste’ New HUmans,
I AM joining with you in a big collective sigh ~ for the New Light, New Energy and Harmony coming over the horizon. There is so much clearing underway in this NOW, deep levels of penetrating light-code preparing

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Solar Synchronization ~ Summer Solstice 2021

Dear New HUman Collective,
A floodgate of expansive radiance has opened with activation, reset and celebration the world over. A massive clearing is underway that just feels like a balm of relief. Wherever you are in the world, know you are

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New HUmans on the Move! Special Offer!

Bright Greetings to this Shiny Tribe!
Gratitude for your presence and love on the March New HUman Transmission! ( We are all learning to navigate very new spaces and environments in this New Reality NOW –  and these transformational

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Webcast: March 7 2021 ~ All In For Love

Namaste’ New HUmans, Gratitude to New HUman Mani in Maui for this stunning photo. With just a little imagination it is easy to see an image reflecting Christ Consciousness. What a beautiful reminder of the New Light, New Reality and...

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