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Summer Solstice 2021

New Beginning Energy
Emphasis on Balance!
Dear Beloved, Shiny Family!
The energy all this week leading up to the Solstice Gate has been especially brilliant with Light, invitation and clarity. Strong Zero Point energy could be felt as this very present

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Free Webinar, Brain Health!

Hello Beautiful People,
Gratitude for a very full audience yesterday ~ and to everyone who has taken the time to share feedback about their personal experience of the show. It was a pretty orbital and freeing webcast! 🤸‍♂️
Dr. Zach Bush is

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Webcast: June 6th 2021 and SO MUCH MORE!

A New Day Dawns   Namaste’ New HUmans, This image!! I know, right? Take a moment to DRINK IT IN! Absorb the dynamic of energy and light, feel its frequency as a mirror of your own. This spectacular moment was...

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