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November 2021, Turning Point Month!

Sunrise over the Blue Ridge –
An Eternal Promise, skies bathed in Love.
Namaste’ New HUmans,
November initiates an Eclipse season, making it especially conducive to being a turning point month for many of us. I’m all in! How about you? Eclipses

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From Form To Formless, Self Love and the Return to ONENESS.

Namaste’ New HUmans,
This comes to you with so much love and overflowing GRATITUDE for this magnificent NOW. One of the most consistent messages, persistent flows of new energy streaming to this world in this NOW is to STAY OPEN, listen

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Settling Into October!

A Field Of Fall Sorel
GRATITUDE for an amazing ride, powerful flow of energy in today’s October New HUman Transmission. I felt like I spent a lot of that show in another realm or dimension – which means the many of

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October New Human, 10/3/21

There is something beautiful emerging it is subtle, yet strong. Sacred, Powerful, LOVING and Free The invitation is to TRUST your inherent light, listen to the peaceful knowing that there is a new story emerging. Pure Consciousness, Unity, Grace. Send...

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