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Inspiring Discussion and NEW WEBCAST!!

Namaste’ Love to All,
We are cruising through some pretty wondrous light spectrums right now. The gifts of the rarified passage in February of 2022 have thrust us into a new energy we could never have anticipated.There is greater coherence between

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Blessed and Powerful Full Moon!

Love, Creativity, Self-Expression.
Full Moon in Leo, February 16, 11:56am eastern
Namaste’ New Humans,
February 2022 is the month that just keeps on giving. The “snow moon” on Wednesday is a bold, creative and powerful Full Moon ~ bringing a little sparkle

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Water, Miracles, Love… Unfolding The Wing Of The Feminine

As eternal souls,
we exist in singularity with the universe.
Dr Zach Bush
Good Morning Beloved Family!
WOW~~ do I have a GIFT to share with you. This is perhaps the most important interview of this time. It will still your mind, expand

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Lean Into Grace

The state of grace is a condition in which all growth is effortless ~ a transparent, joyful acquiescence that is a ground requirement of all existence. Your own body grows normally and easily from its time of birth, not expecting

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