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October Energy Update – 10/2/22!

The Invitation? Come to this NOW with a sense of wonder, a sense of openness to be shown something new, to feel something different. Many doors in our personal and collective worlds are closing – with full hearts we trust…...

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Agni Fire, Inner Truth!

Fall Equinox 2022
Thursday, September 22
9:04 p.m., Eastern.
Namaste’ New HUmans,
I was talking with a new human in Australia recently about “spiritual fire”, the agni of the Vedic rishis who said that the inner fire is the Fire of Truth, and

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Living Oneness

In the Center of the Spiral, I AM
In the Center of the Spiral, I Know
In the Center of the Spiral there is a Stillness
out of which Everything is Born.
I feel Its depths Rising within me NOW
Equal measures of Power and

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