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Blessed and Powerful Full Moon!

Love, Creativity, Self-Expression.
Full Moon in Leo, February 16, 11:56am eastern
Namaste’ New Humans,
February 2022 is the month that just keeps on giving. The “snow moon” on Wednesday is a bold, creative and powerful Full Moon ~ bringing a little sparkle

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Water, Miracles, Love… Unfolding The Wing Of The Feminine

As eternal souls,
we exist in singularity with the universe.
Dr Zach Bush
Good Morning Beloved Family!
WOW~~ do I have a GIFT to share with you. This is perhaps the most important interview of this time. It will still your mind, expand

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Lean Into Grace

The state of grace is a condition in which all growth is effortless ~ a transparent, joyful acquiescence that is a ground requirement of all existence. Your own body grows normally and easily from its time of birth, not expecting

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The Most Powerful Force…

Bright Beautiful Blessings New HUmans,
Holy WOW, this NOW. Take a breath and pause for a moment, focus on this photo and tell me what you feel. What is the ENERGY? You can tap the image to enlarge – just take

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MOVING to Create Movement!

Flexible and Strong Bodies Compliment Flexible and Strong Minds!   Namaste’ Beautiful HUmans, Movement has been on my mind!! Understandably with the quickening of energies influencing so many facets of our lives and world. It is so very important that...

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January New Human! 1/9/22

2022! An Expansive Year Of Truth! Truth is rising in our world and within the hearts and consciousness of this species. Truth cannot be denied. Truth requires courage. It is a call to step up and into something greater; greater...

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