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In Service To The Sacred – September 2023!

Namaste’ New HUmans, So many new humans are sharing that the last few days at least, they have had headaches, whole body aches, restless sleep, PRESSURE, sadness, a deep sense of letting go and nothingness. We are responding with everything...

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A Time to Weep AND…

Double Banded Scoliid Wasp!
Namaste’ New HUmans,
It feels timely to check in, to connect, reach out and remind you that you are loved. There is just so much that is vast and beautiful and inspiring… yet equally intense and undoing and

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Fall Equinox Event

Great Mother
She holds us. She carries us. She teaches and sustains.
What She is giving birth to, we are also giving birth to.
Can we begin to understand such wisdom, such power, such love?
Holy is Her name,
Holy are we, who are devoted

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