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Thank you for your interest in The New Human, the Shining Ones and this alignment with a New Earth Paradigm. The intention behind these special offers is to assist you in the embodiment of the new light frequencies accelerating the Ascension process at this time and the remembrance of your greater role on a 5D Earth. It is an honor to work with you in this way!

In these sessions, you can expect an energy attunement, clearing of the energy body and removal of blockages in your current energy signature. You may ask the Shining Ones for specific guidance and assistance around a particular concern or you may simply join in communion with these new light frequencies and ask for your highest good to be activated at a cellular level.

Each session is unique to the individual. DeAnne experiences words as energy and is adept at returning balance and creating alignment between the egoic mind and vibrational being. The energy engaged in these sessions will continue to work with you for up to 2 weeks post session, all the while anchoring more light into your experience and assisting you with maintaining balance. You can expect a lightness and joy of being, heart expansion and a new sense of clarity about forward movement on your spiritual path.

Prior to this 50-minute call, you are encouraged to get in touch with your intention in joining your current vibration with the light and wisdom of the Shining Ones. You can expect peace, a stronger connection with your core and clarity in the movement of your highest good at this time.

Here’s What Others Have To Say:

“DeAnne is a teacher of high degree. Experiencing her wisdom and love is like turning on a light in a dark room. Once I began working with her I knew life would never be the same. And I was gratefully right!” Christine T. Upstate, NY

“DeAnne’s attunement to this new light, to the New Earth and ability to articulate these new templates for humanity is equally profound and enlightening. After our session I felt a connection and an energy which allows me to be more present and observe on a deeper level. The shifts feel like a new center in me – it truly is amazing!” Sam, Malmo Sweden

“I know I have a lot of wisdom inside of me but it was with DeAnne’s loving wisdom and clarity of dimensions that I began to make the connection between what I knew and who I was being. Without saying a word, she invites you to be your truest self which helped me to find so much clarity about my life. Thank you Thank you Thank you!” Victoria, Dubai

“Hi DeAnne, I’m just following up from our session last week to express my gratitude for taking the time that you did. The call was very confirming for me and I am certainly aware of much shifting within me. I continue to listen to your meditations daily and have just started reading The Shining Ones! Pure joy!” Big Gratitude, Catherine E, CT