Aura Reading and Interpretation

All living things emit an energetic field. We have become so conditioned to being and seeing and interpreting ourselves and the world around us as solid. And yet, we are frequency and light, energy and vibration… and that vibration can be felt as a “vibe” you pick up from people and places and experiences. This is your “aura”, a word with Latin and Greek roots and means “breeze” or “breath of air.

Your Aura is simply an extension of your physical body, an electromagnetic field that surrounds your body and acts as a type of mirror to reflect and radiate the energy. The Aura can reflect emotions, thoughts, personalities, and so much more. We are not meant to be stagnant, life and circumstances are constantly changing and so is your Aura.

You may be familiar with Aura photography. The intention of both Aura Readings and Aura Photography is to expand the understanding of Self. But each of these spiritual practices is very different. When I do a reading, I see patterns, I feel energy and am able to pinpoint where someone might need to grow. I consider reading an Aura sacred and an honor… it is like taking someone’s hand and showing them all the parts of their being which desire to flourish, which may need more love and are waiting for the right moments to heal.

With this reading, you will receive both a description of your Aura, an interpretation of your current “vibe”and an understanding of the different layers of your Aura. In addition to reflecting your consciousness, thoughts, and emotions in the moment, your aura will also show life experiences, thought structures, patterns, hopes, and aspirations. You will also receive an exercise for clearing your Aura.

Energy Exchange: $111

Jyoti Lakshmi and her nature aura!