Bonus Equinox Webcast

Welcome to your bonus New Human Transmission webcast. This and each of the almost 300 shows DeAnne has done are unique to her and the intention of this New Human Paradigm. Each transmission is a harmonic, light-encoded to compliment the greater ascension energies and activate cellular memory. These transmissions are 5D in nature, vibrating the remembrance of a vibrational world and vibrational you. The meditations included in each webcast will be ongoing attunements for your expansion process as you incorporate them into your spiritual practices. Below you will find the blog entry, webcast and meditation all inclusive for this vibrationally significant Equinox, 2015. EnJOY!

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Webcast: 2015-03-20 ~ New Human Equinox – Gathering In Unity

100107114433-largeThis is an incredibly relevant time for humanity and Earth. Everyday in significant ways we are being shown and guided through tremendous merge sequences, opportunities to see clearly where the mind is presenting old belief – with the ability to stop, see clearly and shift into the heart.

I was guided to provide tones via bookends for this Equinox/Blood Moon Passage – hence a New Human webcast on the Equinox itself (3/20) where we will look at the dissolution of the lower 9 dimensions and provide tools to work with the Equinox energies in preparation – and then on 3/31, a YouAwakening teleconference looking deeply into the shift into the Christed Self. These 2 triggers (Equinox/Blood Moon) initiate a significant BOOST to wayshowership – which operates above belief systems. This is what is here now for this humanity and it is huge – letting go letting go of ANY and all resistances.

As with all the writings, meditations, transmissions and teachings of the New Consciousness Paradigm – the show this Friday and then again on 3/31 will provide attunements working directly with the DNA, using transformational energies to bypass the egoic mind and drop participants into the heart, into Unity Consciousness, into Oneness. This is where the Shining Ones really “shine”:-) and stand alone essentially. As an Advanced Light Race emanating from the Galactic Center, the New Sun and center of our new Solar System, their presence is a remembrance of who we are beyond belief, story, duality and the lower dimensions of Self. This rare and highly electrified sequence of gates and the advance of the Shining Ones into a more personal relationship with individuals and Collective humanity, is all to help us step into greater levels of service. And there is so much sacred geometry in the field – golden spirals directly related to golden DNA sequences. You can see this in that, as more awaken, they will take care of the things we use to do as we continue expanding and coming into greater levels of light, moving up the ascending spiral to take on new and greater roles etc.

As always, I will have lots of metaphor and “real world” example of how this looks for us in the everyday. Among the many rich and tangible gifts of this ancient to future teaching that is the New Human, is clear demonstration of how essentially we are all the same. Again, fantastical experiences of this MERGE all around – very pure light evidence of the return of the Christ which IS the return of the Divine Self and a whole new level of power for the human species. ITS ALL CHANGING – its ALL US – we are merging with our higher vibrating Selves, this is the understanding and remembrance to integrate and embody now …and its changing the nature of our work.

There is a lot about these shows I feel and know and a lot more that is Mystery – which is as it should be. The remembrance is that in a certain vibration of Self – all is revealed in the moment it is needed and aligned with the highest good of all. What I do know for sure is this EQUINOX gateway will set a whole new level of understanding ourselves and the world around us vibrationally for everyone – new levels will be revealed about where our work is going – which has been showing up most of this year, thus far. You are likely in throws of new and its like where is this going? And what this new consciousness and energy imparts is that it is not for the mind to know and answer, it is for us to keep showing up and moving with the new and that new keeps taking us to the new path and level of our Self, our power and service and purpose.

So, come and join me, the Shining Ones, new tones and octaves of beingness and your alignment with the NEW SELF in 2 events to provide illumination and support for these 2 powerful trigger passages. I am committed to showing up and holding the space for these ongoing passages – and devoted to my human family, along with the ultimate light they carry within.

Come and share, bring your presence, join your light in Unity:

We are the ONE TRIBE of the ONE WORLD that stands in the Light of a New Sun, knowing we are prepared and in our hearts as stewards of a New and Evolved World.

With Great Love for the Courageous and Dedicated work of my Light Family!

New Human Equinox – Gathering In Unity

2015-03-01 webcast


Meditation ~ Meditation on the HU tone – The Christed Self
Music: Remembrance by Benjy Wertheimer