DeAnne Hampton

DeAnne Hampton, BS/MA is a vibrational guide and intuitive of 5th World, a teacher of the New Human Consciousness and Terra representative of The Shining Ones. She has a background as both a practical and spiritual counselor, teaching Montessori/ Rudolph Steiner based education specializing in working with at-risk, inner-city children, Barbara Brennan’s Healing of the Light-Body and initiations in the art of Shamanism.

DeAnne is a classically trained musician and feels an innate affinity with the essential role that music plays in humanity’s evolution. She continues to weave music into the expanding aspects of her personal and professional life.

Born in Tampa and raised in Brandon, FL – DeAnne moved to Asheville, NC in August of 1995, following the call of Spirit to a deepening relationship with the Earth. Some of the highlights since that move and shift in her life’s purpose have been; establishing a nature and creative based school for at-risk kids, authoring and publishing 5 books, including The New Human and The Shining Ones, becoming certified in DNA Activation and Sound Healing, hosting a weekly, international radio show since 2009 and leading individual and group vortex tours in the ancient mountains of the Blue Ridge.

DeAnne loves all things outdoors and has a deep appreciation of life. She has delighted in back-packing through Colorado and New Mexico, biking through 5 countries in Europe, sky-diving, fire-walking, running half-marathons and mountain biking with her family and dogs, Samadhi Blue and Bodhi. On any given day you will find her out on a trail somewhere, recharging her JOY with the endless wonders of nature.

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