DNA Activation Session

Sound Healing is really where my spiritual journey started. In 2001, after following strong Guidance to leave my profession and get out of the system of 3D supports, I became the first Certified DNA Activation Sound Healer in a company that had been creating ambient sound healing frequencies for 20 years. It was definitely a Divine alignment and really laid a strong foundation for me in remembering how to trust sound, light, frequency, tones and harmonics over the conditioning and programming of my mind. I began traveling around the world teaching DNA Activation through sound, a magical time that allowed me to grow my circle of human family and also initiate deep healing in the land of my ancestors.

So much has evolved and grown and transformed and expanded in my life in the time sense. Today I AM able to hear the harmonics of our beloved Earth, my consciousness and heart are very much attuned to the “music of the spheres”. I was raised in a musical family and I feel that beginning to work with and understand sound through frequencies that work directly with the DNA, helped me begin a new journey of Self, the Return Path of spiritual re-union. Sound is very much incorporated into every facet of my path and service today ~ from monthly New HUman Transmissions to Vortex Tours, Remote Healings, Land Readings and Clearing, etc, when we attune to ourselves and our world through the frequencies of sound, new and subtle realities open up to us and lead us to more. 

Each sound healing, DNA Activation session is approximately 90 minutes. These sessions are in person only and entail both a rich foundation in how to listen and work with sound in a way that engages your personal energy, creativity and consciousness – as well as, a DNA Activation session using ambient sound and your own personal sound file. Please note that it is not possible to fully Activate your DNA in one session or even a weekend, as is so often suggested. But just one session will open up new neural pathways and cellular wisdom that will allow your consciousness and perception to SHIFT profoundly with new insight and revelation. Working with sound in this way set me firmly on my true path of service. 

90 minutes
Energy Exchange: $155