A Shining Ones
New Human New Earth
September 22 & 23, 2015


A Healing and Nurturing the Earth Initiative

with DeAnne & the Shining Ones

Asheville, North Carolina

In the radiance and power of the Summer Solstice magnetics, the Shining Ones planted a seed on behalf of our greatly shifting planet. A small yet powerful group of new hUmans are being called to participate in a Fall Equinox Ritual, to be held at the Ancient Site in the Shining Ones Vortex.

From the droughts to the fires to the floods and extreme weather patterns, the Earth Mother is in a critical stage of her metamorphosis. This Master Light Race assures there is nothing to fear and that our Earth is aligned with its highest destiny, yet certain and decisive measures are being called to action to help stabilize and heal all that is being transformed.

Asheville is nestled among the oldest mountains on the planet and is home to one of the 5 oldest rivers. This is significant and purposeful for this time and intention. The French Broad River fully dissects the Core of the Appalachian Mountains. These ancient elements, along with the Ancient Site Vortex will be the heart center of this Sacred Rite Ceremony.

The Shining Ones will be overseeing and guiding this Equinox initiative as well as participating in the Ceremony of Light at the Ancient Site. It will be very 5D in nature in that we will be leaving much space for the higher realms energies to co-create with those called to attend. September 23 has vast potential for our world. We will open a portal at the Ancient Site that will anchor Cosmic light frequency to then radiate out into the New Earth Grid via lei lines.

DeAnne talks more about the Fall Equinox event in her August 02 webcast:

Event Fee – $250

Hotel recommendations upon request. There is first come first serve space available to share in a sweet cabin in beautiful nature. The cabin has a full kitchen that may be used freely. See below for details.

Cabin and event fee all-inclusive – $350.

Participants are responsible for meals.

Final payment must be made by September 1, 2015

To register for the event, email DeAnne at:

Click here for additional information ~ attendees only…

Fall is an exquisite time of year to visit the mountains, plan to stay as long as you are able to take in the sites, restaurants and scenic experiences.

Additional opportunities should you choose to extend your stay:

  • One on One session with DeAnne and the Shining Ones for an attunement
    with 5th World and clarity in current goals and expansion process.
  • Guided nature/vortex experience with DeAnne and the Shining Ones.

Contact DeAnne for these potentials at:

A unique cabin experience is available for sharing during the equinox event
– special rate for up to 5 women…
– surrounded by nature
– fully equipped kitchen & central a/c
– free WI-FI

Arrival: Monday, September 21st 4pm
Departure: Thursday, September 24th 12 noon


DeAnne gives a tour of the ancient site vortex in the Shining Ones woods.