Fall Equinox Event Guide

Hello Everyone,

So grateful and happy for this opportunity and for YOU, who are heeding the call as the tribe gathers on our beloved Gaia’s behalf.

I am going to start filling in some necessary details here, things you will need to know and bring and be prepared for… we will be spending 2 full days in nature… not your ordinary nature! The environments I AM called to and work with tend to be more pristine and “less civilized” – so the terrain may be muddy, with stream crossings and rocks to climb on etc. You want to wear comfortable clothing that you do not mind getting dirty. Perhaps permanently dirty! 😉

People always ask about shoes with Vortex Tours and I tell them, “wear what you know you are comfortable in.” I often wear tevas to climb steep terrain… trail running shoes are another go-to for me. Others prefer sturdy hiking shoes… it really is an individual preference. Contemplate this, know yourself and plan well.

If you are not use to a lot of activity, I would suggest to start “training” now! 🙂 We will be doing some climbing – the Shining Ones woods pretty much have NO flat land. We will pace ourselves and adjust for varying activity levels but it is my intention to get everyone to everywhere the energies call us to!!

You will need some type of back or hip pack to carry water and food in.

Plan for layers – it will be Fall and temperatures in the mountains can vary greatly from morning to evening and day to day. It is better for hiking to not be weighed down so again, layers versus a coat or heavier jacket is best. My ideal layering would be short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, fleece pullover, rain jacket. This is just for a barometer, think about what you have and gauge accordingly. I am usually in shorts!!! but if you are sensitive to poison ivy it is best to be covered. Again, allow comfort and intuition to be your guide. I have never had issues with poisons of any kind because my intention is ONENESS with the nature I am in. Meditate on that Oneness.

Bring a swimsuit or something to swim in.

Depending on where you are traveling from – towels and bedding ( for cabin stayers) are optional. As the time draws near – I have community I can borrow any extras we need from – it will all be perfect.

You may submit any questions that come to you below. This page will be for those who have signed up only and a way to begin buildingconnection and community among one another. You obviously all know one another already!

Whether you are staying in the cabin or somewhere locally – we will plan to go to dinner together around 5 on Monday the 21st … and then gather for some fun and play time and celebration at skinny dip falls on the morning of the 24th!

More to come as the Shining Ones continue to expand the fullness of this new Human Equinox Initiative. Gratitude to ALL! ♥♥♥

Bodhi Magic – the Vortex hound will be our guide! 🙂