For Slava

Selah Lovely Slava,

Here is the sound healing, DNA Activation music I spoke to you about. I have a passion about these frequencies and as a certified teacher of them, have traveled all over the world doing workshops around using these sounds effectively. It just came to me that this would be a tool to help synchronize your energy body with your greater light family. Initially, I just suggest playing either of the files that works best for you on a quality piece of technology – engage this when you have space and time to yourself and you can relax into stillness. Work with them at your leisure for a week or 2 and then get back to me and let me know what you think.

Blessings of Light and MUCH Love streaming to you in your beautiful part of the world…

DNA Level 1 track 1 – there are 2 versions. The first one is the highest quality (and download size), but may not work on all web browsers. The 2nd version is a regular mp3 format and should work anywhere.

High quality (m4a):

Lower quality (mp3):