Land/ Home Clearing

I was called into this service in 2008, upon returning from Sweden, my ancestral home. Having such an intimate relationship with the Earth Mother and the vortexes in and around Asheville, I am fortunate to spend most of my time in higher vibrating spaces that are organically pure and expansive. However, after spending time in Europe and working with my ancestors there, I became aware how much freer, without congestion and confined spaces the gridwork is in Europe, than in the U.S. A good analogy the Shining Ones shared with me is that of a screen you might find on a window or door. In the U.S. – the squares on the screen are tightly woven, no more than a 1/4 inch in circumference – whereas comparatively, the squares in Europe, are up to a foot in width. Again, all metaphorically speaking, which is the language of the light. This considerable difference has to do with air quality, use of technology and environmental consciousness… but it also has to do with the freedom or lack thereof, of the population. It really expanded my awareness around the fact that not only must we be working with our own lightbody field from the inside out – but additionally, how often times, there is energy, constructs of consciousness, negative belief and memory – frequently generational, that serves to block our ability to thrive and become our highest expression in our personal, social and professional lives.

In this service, I first connect with the lay of the land, the consciousness of the earth and placement of the house in relationship to the natural energy dynamics and flow of the outer environment; all of which will effect what is going on inside the home. There must be an agreement between the land and the structures on the land, bringing awareness and honor to the natural laws of nature. An example would be a house I cleared that was built on top of a deep, underground spring. The building process had polluted and clogged up this natural energy flow, which was impacting the owners emotional body as well as the quality and availability of water to this home. The plumbing was always breaking and wreaking havoc.

If this permission and clearing was not done prior to building and no matter how old the structures are, I first restore balance and harmony to the overall environment and relationship between land and house.Then I go room by room in the house and any other structures on the land to clear and remove blockages. New or old, the walls talk to me ~ all material substance carries memory and stores emotion. Sometimes the blocks are specific in nature, which I can then relay. Other times, it is simply energy that does not align with the new tenant/intention and needs releasing.

Additionally, if you find or have purchased land that you are interested in building on harmoniously ~ placement of house, which trees to take out if any and which trees must remain to have a successful relationship with the land, that is always an ideal situation to begin NEW life, for all concerned.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me:

Land/Home Energy Clearing: $100 an hour. Typically an hour is sufficient, depending on if you are desiring, land and home, one or the other, if the land is being cleared to build, etc.

This is an Amate Tree that I had the gift of working with in Tepoztlan Mexico. Whether you see the faces, orbs, elementals and spirits of your land or not, they are there and watching you. Now more than ever is a time of returning to our roots, to the innate relationship and wisdom we share with the vibrational world. When we connect deeply and instinctively, with reverence, to any one place on our Earth… we connect in deep and powerful ways with the whole of the natural world.