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Welcome to DeAnne Live, a portal to a higher frequency of Light and reflections of 5th World, with intimate experiences of nature, the earth, higher mind consciousness and a new Paradigm for our world. Here you will find a place to relax and marinate in the energies emanating from a new earth radiance.

The New Day posts are a daily attunement and an invitation for you to join in the new energies of 5th world. This blog is open to everyONE.

For a small energy exchange of $10 per month, members of DeAnne Live enjoy The New Human Transmissions, guided meditations, 5D Forum community, free digital versions of DeAnne’s books, and more.

Join DeAnne for a month and tune in. We hope you will join us in an ongoing dance with the mystery and expansion into the unknown.

Explore these samples of member benefits below.

The New Human Transmissions ~ Webcasts by DeAnne

DeAnne has done over 250 New Human webcasts in the last five years, first on BlogTalk Radio and then on World Puja. She continues the tradition on DeAnne Live. Members may listen to the live webcasts and 200+ archived webcasts.

DeAnne spends many hours in the Loving wisdom of Gaia and The Shining Ones preparing for each webcast. Then at show time, with microphone in hand, and the meditation music ready, she just lets it flow…

Be a member and join in the transformational energies of an ancient to future teaching.

Selected clips from a recent New Human Transmission
The full webcast was 1 hour and 22 minutes!

“Your webcast are like a lifeline to everything which is truly meaningful to me in this life. While listening to you I am transported, even if only for a short time period, beyond the mind’s daily worries, to the magical Center within. Thank you so much DeAnne, for continually holding the light so strongly in this world” Victoria, New York

Meditations ~ Light Dispensation from the Shining Ones

With care and devotion, DeAnne is guided to the harmonics, energies and intention for each meditation. The Shining Ones infuse incredible magic into each meditation to work directly with the DNA and new consciousness. Each webcast and meditation are highly attuned to the NOW moment.

There are many ways members may access and download these unique energy enhancements, from the newest to 100’s of
archived meditations. Visiting and listening to these meditations often is encouraged in working with the light-body and anchoring the energies of 5th world.

Enjoy this video enhanced meditation.

Meditation: Harmonizing with the Light
All of the 200+ webcasts have a meditation

“I listened to your most recent webcast yesterday. My socks were knocked clean off. The message spoke direct to my heart. And the meditation was off the charts. At the end I was laughing and crying at the same time. Thank You for being you, showing up and sharing with us all so sweetly and powerfully. You Rock DeAnne. I Love You” KC

DeAnne’s Books: The New Human & The Shining Ones

DeAnne shares the teachings, wisdom and love of a New Human/New Earth Paradigm in her books:

Members may download free ebooks in 3 formats: Kindle, ePub, and indexed PDF, a $30 dollar value! Members may also listen to DeAnne read select chapters from her books.

Paper copies are available on Amazon here. To request an autographed copy with a personal message contact DeAnne here.

DeAnne reads a chapter from the The Shining Ones book
Members may also download these audio chapters

“What a book! WOW, WOW, WOW!!! DeAnne & The Shining Ones are most definitely ambassadors & way showers to a New Earth reality of BEING & this book most definitely radiates new LIGHT, new LOVE throughout its pages of transformative TRUTH. DeAnne writes with the Power of authentic innocence & wisdom & because she has full faith & trust in the Shining Ones message to humanity, her words ring true in my heart & resonate with the core of my being. For me, this book is my bible & a doorway to remembering my True divine nature SELF, right here & right NOW.” Karen

Time Out ~ Meditations, Music and Magical Moments with Gaia

Timeout is a place designed for the purpose of you finding a peaceful space, a restful place, a center of calm and reminder of the greater truths of the existence all around you. Here members enjoy:Meditations chosen to match the energy of NOW!

“Music and photos that I am both inspired by and use in my daily commune with energy.”

Enjoy magical moments with Gaia captured by DeAnne in videos and photography as she explores the abundance and splendor of the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding Asheville, North Carolina.

DeAnne, Bodhi, The Shining Ones and a camera…
From an abandoned trail in the Blue Ridge Mountains

“Your attunement to this new light, to the New Earth and ability to articulate these new templates for humanity is equally profound and enlightening. I love cruising the Universe in your spaceship and feel yours in a Cosmic wisdom. Thank you for showing up for humanity at this time and your willingness to be seen in such an authentic light. You are one of the truly beautiful people in the world and I love you!” ~ Sam in Sweden

5D Forum ~ A New Human Community

The intention and purpose of the 5D Forum is to generate discussion around nutrition, health, life-style practices and choices that lift consciousness and energy to 5th World frequency and light.

Living in tune with the vibrational world is as natural to you as your breath, it is a joyful alignment with choices that give the physical body the opportunity to function in its highest capacity and maintain a state of well-being for the body, mind and spirit.

Discussions, Sharing, Recipes and so much more in our members only 5D forum…

DeAnne in a tree pose on the edge of forever…
Looking Glass Rock, Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, NC

“She who holds the light, holds the key, to nature and the mind and harmony.” Dear 5D Sister…. I heard these words in a song and couldn’t help but think of you. You are like the pied piper of the light… leading all the children to a better world. Thank you for all you do for so many. Much Love.” Tom, New Hampshire

DeAnne’s Services: One-on-One, Vortex Tours & more…

DeAnne tunes into your energy field and pulls in the greater frequencies and light of potential for an in-the-moment illumination and energy transference.

One on One with DeAnne ~ connect with DeAnne, Gaia and the Shining Ones for a personal energy exchange.

Walk the Path of Light ~ a monthly guidance program created to support you within the ongoing shifts and changes initiated by very new ascension energies.

Vortex Tours ~ Let DeAnne guide you to one of the many sacred sites in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville NC.

Learn more about DeAnne’s Services here…

DeAnne’s Ancient Site Vortex Tour in The Shining Ones Woods
See DeAnne unplugged!

“DeAnne is a teacher of high degree. Experiencing her wisdom and love is like turning on a light in a dark room. Once I began working with her I knew life would never be the same. And I was gratefully right!” Christine T. Upstate, NY