Mini Readings

The opportunity to get a quick insight on an area of your life; a concern, question, a shift within your current reality. Sometimes a quick question answered with direct clarity can lift your energy to a place of greater vision, knowingness and peace.

Mini Reading – $55.00


Dear DeAnne,
Thank-you so much DeAnne, for this heartfelt reading. I noticed a shift in me, even before I received your reading. It takes courage to move beyond the familiar. It feels as though this dark shadow has been lifted from me, and I am no longer fearful of the outcome. I feel so much lighter..and I have a smile on my face as I’m writing these words. Thank-you so are a blessing in my life.

Much love,

Thank you once again for such an eloquent reading. I have read and re-read your emails and will contemplate the questioning before I go to sleep. The imagery you bring through is especially helpful! It helps me to instantly realize the vibrational level I am in and working with – needed that!

Blessing, love and joy!

Hello DeAnne,

Thanks so very much for your wonderfully clear and uplifting reading!
Your words are beautiful and my body and soul responded on a cellular level of absolute knowing. Your reading helped to put me back on track of what I already knew. It is helpful beyond words.

Much gratitude for your wisdom and love,