New Light Activation, December Gateway Event

The New Light shining from 2021 on an illumined portal,
the clear path forward.
Notice the movement of energy in this photo
and how distinct the doorway is~
Christed Light, the Golden Age, 5D Earth Shining Forth.


Namaste’ New HUmans,

I know December is a crazy month with additional obligations on its own. But I feel very called to create an energy container for the Solstice Gateway. This experience will be both simple (so you can get here) and POWERFUL. The New Light is upon us and coming in from every facet and corner of Creation. There is just so much LOVE. More and more we are recognizing and truly experiencing just how powerful the Light is as it rearranges and transforms both our individual lives, our planet and world.

Of course I will tune into and follow the energy of those that are called to come.. but here is what is presenting thus far.

*Sunday evening, December 20th 6 – 9.
Sound Healing, Activating DNA aligned with 5D Earth. Also open heart forum with the Shining Ones.
*Monday, December 21st ~ Anchoring the New Light on the Earth, expansive day exploring sacred, magical nature, Unified Meditation, grounding our personal and collective intentions through the Ray of the Heart.

Energy Exchange $111 by 11/22 ~ $133 after 11/22.

I AM definitely feeling both male and female beings for this event. This entire year has been about RESETTING the imbalances in our world toward a New Unity. We all have much work to set upon in getting clear on our new roles and new relationship with power. The New Creation starts with our individual lives. This gathering will help you to get free of resistances and fear around your purpose moving forward and really expand your awareness of the direction of the New Light ~ 2021 and beyond! It is a New Day ~ together, WE WILL RISE.

I AM so excited to share this beautiful, expansive gateway with YOU! To register, email me @ 🙏