New Zealand Light Expansion (NZ Flyer)


March 15 ~ 25, 2019 (or part thereof)

Nelson/Golden Bay ~ South Island, NZ

March 15, 16, 17 Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday ~ Nelson

This 2 week immersion with Gaia, Shining Ones and 5th World, kicks off with a very special ‘gather, learn and discover’ weekend at Fairfield House in Nelson. A full itinerary of the weekend will follow. Essentially it is an opportunity to experience the teachings and wisdom of the Shining Ones and 5th World in an interactive, multimedia presentation by DeAnne. This will be a Friday evening, full day Saturday and Sunday opportunity to mingle, get to know others of your light family and soul groups, deepen in your awareness of self and the greatly expanding role you have come to play at this time in the New Human/New Earth Journey.

DAILY ADVENTURES: Monday March 18 – Saturday March 23rd.

Monday, March 18:

I AM super excited about this ~ the first day of a week of diverse, bountiful and beautiful nature experiences in NZ.

Abel Tasman Swing Bridge, Bush Hike and Beach Walk. We will drive together from Nelson to Kaiteriteri ~ charter a catamaran into the deep of Abel Tasman National Park where we will be left for the day to explore the beach and hike to the Abel Tasman Swing Bridge.

This will be an all day outing ~ departing for Kaiteriteri 8am and returning around 6pm ~ with the option to be on your own once we return to Nelson or to perhaps gather for dinner together in town. Stay night in Nelson. Fee: $83NZ

Tuesday March 19:

A multi adventure day!!

First, we will drive together to the Riwaka Valley (on the way to Kaiteriteri where we were the day before) to experience the magical Riwaka Resurgence! With the beautiful power of Takaka Hill rising above it, Riwaka Resurgence is a spring emerging from deep within the mountain, bubbling up out of nowhere, after traveling kilometres underground through a network of karst caves. It has been created by the action of water dissolving the limestone rock over millions of years. This is a highly sacred area with very mystical energy. Rain falling on the hill is collected by this system and finds its way through a labyrinth of underground caves and fissures to resurge here at Riwaka. This experience is going to dissolve any tension and all resistance, relaxing body mind and spirit into a state of bliss. It’s also an opportunity for a COLD PLUNGE for the daring and brave… totally optional but I am pretty sure MOI will be going in! Who will join me?



Sun shining in pool
at Riwaka Resurgence



Next up…

Harwoods Hole: We will drive together to the top of Takaka Hill (Marble Mountain) and inland to “Lord of the Rings” territory and site of the internationally famous Luminate Festival. This will be an hour and a half walk in and back to view the Hole ~ the deepest sinkhole in the southern hemisphere and entrance to an incredible underworld of caves and caverns. Contribution: Koha

We’ll drive out of Harwoods and down the other side of the hill into the delightful rural, gallery/café township of Takaka (Golden Bay) for lunch before venturing on to…

Te Waikoropupu Springs: Water plays a significant role in our expansion and these internationally protected springs are considered the clearest, purest and most crystalline (after the Antarctic) on the planet! OF COURSE ~ new humans moving from Embodiment to the Expansion of their full crystalline radiance would be called here ~ to this moment in this now!

Within this experience, there is also the lovely Springs Hydro Walk ~ up a steepish rough track (which Martine loves to do barefoot) along the water race in the bush – it’s just very beautiful, up high and a good walk. It is another couple of hours in this already full day – so we will take a vote here ~ either going for the hydro walk or choosing instead to go get coffee and roam around the township of Takaka. Contribution: Koha

Wednesday March 20th:

Farewell Spit Tour: This is a 6 hour guided experience ~ MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR on a bus over sand dunes and into stunning panoramic views to a Light House, Fossil Point and Cape Farewell. The day includes exploring the spit, stops in Puponga and at the most northern point on the South island, Cape Farewell.

From the cliff tops, seals and their pups can be seen all year basking on the rocks below. Above is an aerial view of the Spit ~ we will be traveling by bush bus! JUST WOW!!

Fee Farewell Spit: $160 NZ

On the way back to Takaka we will stop at world-famous Mussel Inn bush cafe/pub for a homegrown beer or cuppa and a meal? They have some great music events and dance nights so we will keep an eye on what’s playing and work in on one of our evenings in Golden Bay. Great atmosphere!

Stay overnight in Golden Bay

Thursday March 21st: Autumn Equinox!

Another multi-adventure day ~ filling our CUP with other-worldly Gaia and elemental energy! The flow, variety and design of these nature experiences is to facilitate freeing the mind, opening the heart and lift-ing resonance to a place where you are able to truly see the beauty of your Divine Self, your journey and the next level of your soul path at this time. New Zealand is very Lemurian in nature, which we will explore in the weekend workshop ~ suffice to say that the energies here will allow you to be in and FEEL 5th World on a deeply personal level so that you may begin incorporating that remembrance back into your everyday lives.

We will begin the day with a special treat, welcoming in the Equinox with members of the Tui community for a sunrise ceremony, after which we will build a bonfire on the beach for evening.

We are creating some space and flexibility in this day – which will be the Spring Equinox in the US/Autumn Equinox in NZ. It is a strong energy desire to include some local culture ~ climaxing with a BON FIRE at Taupo Point where there is a lovely beach with incredible depths of surrender and serenity. Om Shanti

Next Up – The NOT TO BE MISSED Tata Beach Kayak trip. This will be a guided 2 hour experience with Golden Bay Kayaks exploring cliffs and scenic waterways we could not experience any other way. Single or share double kayaks. Again, Water, Water Water ~ New Zealand (Aotearoa in Maori meaning Land of the Long White Cloud) is a tiny sliver of earth ~ two islands, surrounded by endless and vast ocean. In our true nature ~ we ARE water, crystalline ~ and I feel the call to bring New Humans to this land is to accelerate the merge with our Christed, Crystalline nature while being supported by the Motherland ~ the Mu energies and a reverent resonance of frequency and light!


On to Wainui Falls Walk – 2 hour picnic adventure to a SPECTACULAR waterfall where we can sit on giant granite rock beings and enjoy the energy and views. This is just an hour in and out easy walk through creek beds and over another suspension bridge.

Stay overnight Golden Bay.

Friday, March 22nd

The Grove: An easy 1/2 hour walk through a small but immensely magical scenic reserve, through limestone nooks and crannies and sculptural rock formations ending at a lookout with views out over a large part of Golden Bay:

After the Grove, we will hike to Rawhiti Cave. Rawhiti Cave is nationally significant as it has possibly the most diverse and extensive entrance and twilight-zone flora of any cave in New Zealand. The cave’s entrance is graced with thousands of stalactites that cover the entire ceiling. It takes about an hour to walk a moderately difficult trail to the cave’s entrance, but it is well worth it.

Next, we will venture to Anatoki Salmon Farm to experience Salmon and Eels in the wild ~ with the option of fishing and catching your lunch! There is also local beer, wine and other food options to suit every palate. Additionally, there is a petting zoo, that along with the fishing and exquisite setting is an opportunity to experience the relationship between free, wild creatures and humans.

Contribution: Koha

Saturday, March 23rd

Beginning early, we will set out on a beach/farm track walk – experiencing windswept beaches with seals and magnificent Arch Rocks in the ocean – this area is basically at the very top of the wild seas of the South Island looking over towards the North Island.

Cape Farewell Horse Treks! This is a purposeful piece of our overall energy container – horses being about MOVEMENT, POWER and FREEDOM. There was strong guidance to include horses in our Costa Rica Embodiment Retreat ~ there were people who had never been on a horse and/or were reticent about the experience ~ and ALL agreed it was the highlight of the Costa Rica trip! So, BE OPEN ~ knowing that this is an ALL LEVEL experience and the horse you will be getting is already waiting for you! Energy = Energy! Trust the experiences and love here.
Cape Farewell Horse Trek – $125NZ

The non-local group will travel back to Nelson for the weekend. There is still some flex time here ~ spaces to be filled in as it is important to leave some open spaces for magical impromptu moments and possibilities. Martine, being a lifelong local Kiwi (with a bit of Aussie thrown in) ~ has already shared some “off the map” adventures with me, possibilities that some may want to tag along on ~ OR you may want this time to be on your own. We can choose to meet up for meals, either way. BE OPEN and know this experience is a rainbow bridge into new dimensional levels and experiences connected to true purpose and deeper service roles at this time in the ascension process.

New Zealand Light Expansion Retreat March 15 – 25th 2019

ALL MONIES DUE by January 15th ~ no refunds past this point.

NZ Fees:

Weekend Workshop: $290NZ, Early bird $250NZ ~ register and pay by Dec 1. Activities ~ costs as stated on each day. Please register your interest early as numbers are limited and expected to go quickly.


All accommodation info and what to bring, wear, expect and be prepared for will be distributed once you are registered. It will be NZ Autumn/Fall so weather should be fairly settled, getting cooler, with minimal rain and plenty of sunshine!

DeAnne Hampton, BS/MA

DeAnne is a Global Teacher, Radio Host, Author, Vortex Guide and Energy Intuitive. Her work is based in a New Paradigm of Consciousness and Energy called the New Human. The heart and intention of her lifelong relationship and work with the Shining Ones rests in humanity’s shift to Crystalline DNA and a New Golden Age.

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