Peru 2023

Following the spiral, following the Mother; deepening our connection to Truth, opening our hearts to ancient wisdoms, embodying fully our Christed nature.


Every moment has led to this NOW for our individual and collective humanity. A culmination of extreme shadow and light throughout our history, 2023 vibrates 7 – which strongly resonates with the Collective Consciousness. I find this magical. So many realms and dimensions of LIFE are participating in the SHIFT to Unity and Oneness

Following the invitation of the Mystery, Divine forces and new timeline energies, the synchronistic world has created a magical 10 day experience that moves within a deepening spiral energy beginning in Cuzco, the heart of the Andes, where we will be greeted by a 26ft statue of Cristos. From there we will journey inward to the Sacred Valley, where we will first visit the ancient circular agricultural terraces of Moray and the salt mines at Maras.

Day 3 – After our first night in the Sacred Valley, we will be driven to a remote trail head, where we will take our first hike, spiraling up to the remote village of Choquechaca, surrounded by a majestic Andean landscape and Pachamama beauty. Shaman Valentine and local familia will lead us in a Pachamama ceremony by a sacred Andean waterfall. As I always suggest with vortex experience – it would be special to have small tokens of tobacco, sage, crystals etc to gift to both local guides and the Earth Mother throughout. Interacting with the local culture and communing with these ancients peoples is important to this initiative. Today we will have lunch with the Choquechaca community before continuing on to tour the Inca ruins at Pumamarka.

Day 4 – We then leave this location and journey by vehicle past Ollantaytambo up the Patacancha river valley to the village of Pallacta, home of the Laucata clan. We will meet and commune with Teofela (the family matriarch) and *Valentine (the family patriarch), two beloved local wisdom keepers. With a private local guide to help facilitate an immersion into the indigenous Andes, we will learn and participate in their daily practices. See flyer for a list of those activities.


*Valentine and our NC/Peru liaison, Adam!

Day 5 – The next day is the Equinox Gateway so of COURSE on this day, we will explore the magical mysteries of Machu Picchu, with a private, guided tour. You will also have the opportunity to do your own thing in these ruins. This initiative is very much about Union of the Masculine and Feminine, Cristos Sophia initiation. There is STRONG Kundalini and Ancestor energy in these ruins that we will want to find stillness and be present with. In addition to the private Machu Picchu tour, you will have the option to ascend the tallest peak of the ruins called Huaynu Picchu or remain in the lower ruins. This entails an hour and a half steep ascent which feels supercharged with intentional metaphor as we journey deeper and higher in our own spiritual journeys. After a long and meaningful day, we take a train back to Ollantaytambo, where we will have a private escort back to our hotel.

Waking up to day 6 of our Cristos Sophia experience, we will explore many different facets of Cuzco, from the impressive Inca ruins site of Sacsayhuaman, to a special, sacred hike to the Temple of the Moon. Many Goddesses of Legend have held ceremony here, Cerridwen (moon and prophecy) Selene, (moon) Hecate, (magic) Coatilicue (earth) Pasowe (endurance) Asarte (love) Shakti (primordial power) to name a few. In the Consciousness of Unity, ALL the Feminine Goddesses are aspects of Ancient Mother and not confined to defined geography. Depending on those called and gathered within this Intention, I feel we have the opportunity to invite many faces of the Mother to join us. After stillness here, we will hike on the original Inca trail, down and inward along the Urubamba River with an opportunity to explore the newly excavated site of Inkilltambo.

Monday, day 7 will be another full day of immersion and exploration in the lakeshore town of Puno. One of the highlights of this day will be Sillustani, a pre-Inca archaeological site located between Puna and Juliaca, spending time with significant burial towers, a place where the heavens and underworlds meet.

Day 8 is really special and important to this immersion into UNITY Consciousness; One World, One People, One Love. We travel to Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. Magic is fully present here. Lake Titicaca has tons of smaller islands throughout. The floating islands of Uros are located on Lake Titicaca as well as Amantani, where we will be having our homestay. We get to experience the wonder of homes, houses, boats and whole islands made entirely of reeds. This is a truly mystical place with indigenous wisdom and ancestor presence throughout.

Read More about the Floating Islands and People here:

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This Andean immersion winds down on day 9 with a boat ride to another natural island and cultural tour of Taquila before returning to Puno. Taquile is the largest island on the Peruvian side of the lake and also connects over to Bolivia! I FEEL the lei lines and song lines woven in Pachamama magic here. All these water features throughout are so relevant and aligned with Divine Feminine, with Sophia, crystalline flows and 5D Earth.

FIRST AND FOREMOST – this experience is about Gaia – the 5D Earth – and stepping through doorways that allow us to live fully in the new energy. Many of you may remember that there was a Peru initiative planned for 2020, when the Collective experienced a 2 plus year pause button on life as we knew it. This is not the same trip that would have occurred in 2020 because we are not the same people and there is a New Reality present, which anchored in December of 2020. This 2023 experience is definitely Peru 2.0, a calling aligned with a higher vibrating realmshift reflecting a deeper level of commitment to Unity Consciousness in our personal and collective lives. We are re-membering that we are ONE and that we have FAMILY all over this planet. The arrow of ascension is NOW pointed toward what can I bring to my human family more so than seeking out what is missing in our lives. This is 5D. This is the new dynamic of energy here NOW. This is about US in our embodiment, showing up to serve. In this Peru 2023 Initiative – we are coming to serve. I AM anchoring it – you are shaping The most important piece of this Peru experience is not the itinerary – it is YOU.

So, I invite you into that focus of your own stillness around this initiative. We are finding one another. We are following the call of UNITY, joining with other in heartfelt and powerful ways.

In 2021, a new science based study determined that Machu Picchu is actually older than precious studies had determined. Revelation, New Discovery and Clarity are all reflections of the New Reality frequency. Peru 2023 is a creationary flow to support this discovery and clarity in your own life. Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu on the Equinox gateway will definitely be the apex of our movement and intention. With Huayna Picchu we will be metaphorically hiking up the center of the ascension spiral above newly discovered Crystal Chambers and ancient Lemurian Ancestry of this sacred land.

*Being with the water experience of Lake Titicaca after Machu Picchu is purposeful in helping to set the new crystalline energy we will be activating.

*Merging with the indigenous peoples and ways is a beautiful way to celebrate the new UNITY this humanity is waking up to in this new ascension cycle.

*AND – just to balance out all the water element in support of both the inward and outward journey of transformation – we will have a sacred fire ceremony. I feel that there are those joining in this initiative that will bringing something valuable to this experience. A sacred fire is an Indigenous traditional wellness approach. The fire is a spiritual doorway that opens to a spiritual realm so that individuals can communicate and have relations through the fire. SO powerful and blessed to do a fire ceremony in the Andes!

Below you will find the full itinerary! Take a deep breath and allow its energy and intention to marinate you in its wonder and wisdom. Know that this is a time-sensitive initiative as there are many details to attend to on the Peru end. Also, as I mentioned in the January webcast – there will be a cap on the number of participants as it is important to me that we all feel connected and that I AM able to energetically tend to each of you in support of your RISE. I encourage you to not think – but to feel and KNOW the role you are ready to step into and embody – in service to LOVE. Once you say YES – you will move from a participant to an active role in building the energies of this container over the next months.

The Eternal Earth, Air, Heaven
that glory, the resplendence of the Sun
May we contemplate the brilliance of that light
May the Sun inspire our minds.
Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Pilgrimage ~
we come, we serve, we LOVE.
PERU 2023

Full Flyer and Itinerary:

Dates: September 19th – 28th, 2023

Total $4,400.00

30% deposit – $1,677 due by 3/21 non refundable.
Along with individual names and passport numbers.

Final payment of $2,723 due by June 21st.

Email DeAnne with any questions and to arrange payments!

It’s a great, big world.
Open your eyes.
Expand your heart.
Live Free!