RISE 2020! Fall Equinox Renewal

High above the veils of separation…
we command both our reach and the power to transform.

This is an invitation to RISE  – to see things more clearly, to deepen your connection to Self, to be touched by the Earth in new and powerful ways, to quiet the mind and expand the heart. Following the energy of these ancient mountains and the Great Mother, herSelf – we will explore, in intimate and expansive ways, the beautiful mysteries of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The intention is to journey in all 4 directions ~ embodying the current ascending timeline to come full circle; resolving the past, anchoring in a new future and assisting a humanity on the verge of a new day and a new way of being human on this planet. 

Far and Wide, Deep and High
from mountains to streams and the places in between
we will crack the Soul open wide
to unleash the radiance inside.

RISE 2020

Monday September 21st – Friday September 25th
*additional dates for Medicine Journeys available!

Early morning, day and evening hikes: from the High Country and rocky summits to sacred immersion with streams and the forest floor. These unique experiences with the Earth will expand your deep connection to the cosmos and to creative potential; developing your innate ability to see far and deep.

Additionally, we will play together with some indoor ritual activities, creating feather art and power talismans, tribal adornment for the body and intimate circle with the Shining Ones. Working with and honoring the 2020 energies of forming New Alliances – the time and activities planned will call in the ancestors and deepen the Unity we share with Earth, Elements, Heavens and Universe.

RISE from the ashes
RISE walk into the forest
RISE from the ashes
RISE She’s a living green pulse.

We stand in conclusion
Hold on tightly
guard it with all your might

because we break borders
chain link fences are nothing to us
We rebound and restore our focus!

(from Pulse by Rising Appalachia)

The invitation extended is to REBOUND and RESTORE YOUR FOCUS – in community and Oneness with ALL that is. As always, those who are called – will be filling in the timeline and inbetween spaces of how this week will unfold. I KNOW THESE MOUNTAINS ~ I AM a strong, intuitive guide to the Mystery. This week will be an experience of 5D – Allowing, Flowing, Joyfully Co-Creating with the Earth and all her kingdoms 

September 21 – 25th RISE 2020 – Fall Equinox Retreat
Included: Day transportation, Indoor Space, Creative Rituals,
Circle with Shining Ones

Energy Exchange: $333
A deposit of $33 made by 7/15 secures this early bird rate
After July 15th – Retreat cost: $444


***In Addition and Optional:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday – September 25th, 26th and 27th

*Sacred Medicine Experience with the Sacred Vine Of The Soul
Ayahuasca – Feminine Plant Teacher
Integrating a Deeper Experience of Oneself
*Kambo – Cleansing Body, Mind and Spirit

Email me for additional information on these possibilities.
POWERFUL OPPORTUNITIES for deep cleansing, heart expansion and connection with the Ancients.

Asheville is a happening place – EVEN NOW, in this alternate reality we are experiencing. It is wise to get your accommodations locked in SOON!! I have a list of hotels and air bnb’s that I have gathered for New Human visitors over the years. I AM happy to share these when you register – and to support your own personal search for lodging that suits you.

You will have time to yourself, time to explore the city and go inward to integrate all the experiences you will be gathering. TAKE THIS TIME FOR YOU!!! We are GEARING UP – for something wonderful and beautiful, expansive and NEW, as Earth and Humanity journey through this 2020 reset!

RISE 2020