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Join DeAnne as a guest speaker on Awaken to Happiness Now on August 4th!

ATHN Season 7 brings together 40+ World Renowned Experts, Transformational Speakers and Teachers who are eager to share their secrets, wisdom and teachings. Their powerful strategies, tools, clearings, and processes can completely shift your life to enable you to live the life of your dreams and access your happiness. We have brought some of your favorite speakers from last season and some new speakers to ATHN for you to get to know and love.

Enjoy DeAnne and all the other speakers on ATHN absolutely free. Sign up today by clicking the link below.

Awaken to Happiness Now


Earlier this year DeAnne was such a popular speaker on You Awakening, she was invited back to do 4 more shows. Expect another great show on ATHN!

Listener comments from You Awakening shows:

“Listening to this telecast has been an immensely heart-expanding experience for me. I feel like I am in a vortex of love, joy, co-creation and manifestation of the new earth. The Shining Ones are filling my being, my space with love and gratitude for the unity. What a powerful transmission to each and all of us. Thank you DeAnne Hampton. I’ll be sure to tune in to the next show.”
~ SL from Prescott

“Thank you DeAnne and Jacklyn. The show was awesome— lot of vibrational energy swirling in me..and behind my upper neck, Like a ball of light pressing against my upper neck..Blessings to you both. Love and Light.”
~ AH from Calgary

“Thank you for the experience of basking, bathing in these pure energies of the Shinning Ones , Jesus and many other Luminous Beings . Such Joy, Mucho Love to all xoxox”

“Much gratitude, blessings and love, we are one just a reflection of the oneness that we are ! love, truth, & peace.”

“I just adore DeAnne and who she is..and what she brings to us , The love is so profound the shining ones are here with us it is palpable and Yeshua is within us all. I FEEL it too! Jacklyn, I love you so much for who you ARE and bringing her back again for us NOW. BTW, Ill be sending feedback soon from the study journal notes too My deep gratitude and love to and for you eternally. To De Anne also… We are all one and true soul sisters.”