Your Divine Uniqueness

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Join DeAnne Live on February 2nd at 2pm eastern!

Are you ready to bring forth what only you can do and be, and connect with the abundance of all that you are?

It’s your time to…

Release limitations and heal pain so you can embody the Divinity you already are.

Allow you Divine Guidance to confidently align you to your true purpose.

Join DeAnne and many other top spiritual masters and healers on Your Divine Uniqueness. Enjoy energy and healing support as you learn to live your true purpose abundantly!

DeAnne’s show time is Tuesday February 2nd, at 2pm eastern

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Here is what people have said about DeAnne’s previous telesummits and webcasts:

I’m feeling gratitude, connection, validation. I have been crying. Wonderful live call.” ~ Annette

Speaker Call_DeAnneHapmtonFrom a beautiful shiny place ~ thank you for today’s call, thank you for your life DeAnne, love and light and hugs Shiny Ones~ Namaste A Wow call~ see you on Saturday~ 888’s Lion’s Gate healing portal. xo“~ Caroline

I am feeling the energy moving through me, especially through my “god chakra” at the base of my neck.” ~ Kelli

Listening to your webcasts (archives) daily has reminded me of the feeling I used to get when I would visit a church and just feeling the wonder of God inside of me.” ~ Audrey F

Your webcasts are like a lifeline to everything which is truly meaningful to me in this life. While listening to you I am transported, even if only for a short time period, beyond the mind’s daily worries, to the magical Center within. Thank you so much DeAnne, for continually holding the light so strongly in this world.” ~ Victoria T. New York

I have been learning so much from you. You are a precursor to this planet’s awakening as each make their way to their Infinite Spiritual essence and Oneness with all of creation. Love and respect,” ~ Steve G.

Don’t miss DeAnne’s live call on February 2nd @ 2pm eastern!!!

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