The Science Of Consciousness ~ Living In 5D

Presented by DeAnne Hampton
November 4th, through December 16, 2014

This Course is the first module in a brand new series of interactive teaching, learning and remembrances. This Course will evolve with additional modules and the opportunity for those attending the initial modules to evolve with the content over time. There have already been two Module 1 experiences and each was unique and particular to the beings who were guided to participate and contribute. THIS is the new teaching experience we are moving into in 5th World – teacher and student becoming ONE.

The experience each week and on going in this Course will be one of transparency, vulnerability and actively co-creating a new world. With a template of The New Human, New Consciousness Paradigm and the loving presence of the Shining Ones, participants will experience a new type of teaching that will enable them to begin creating vibrational bridges to new scenarios of life, build personal power, disengage the mental body and strengthen heart consciousness.

Understanding the Vibrational World Becoming Vibrational You

Themes to be Explored:

  • Cultivating Your Personal Flower Of Life
  • Taking The Reins Of Your Life
  • Demystifying The Illusion Around Money
  • Evolving Relationships
  • Health-care and The Revolution of Well-Being
  • Activating DNA with Multidimensional Sound

These themes are key foundational components in preparing our mind and bodies, perceptions and beliefs for a new reality. In keeping with a 5th World understanding, we will allow for new content to emerge. We were honored with the Presence of a being and guide from the 7th Dimension in the January gathering for this course and were guided to continue an additional week, which all agreed to. Something wholly unique and mysterious is anchoring within the Earth plane and humanity at this time and we must be willing and able to follow where this new energy of a New Earth is leading us.

This course will be highly interactive, a participatory experience that will allow you to stretch your consciousness and tap into your personal Divine Blueprint. It is time to move beyond filling yourself up and gathering wisdoms, to intentionally and with courage opening fully to the Light that is here now and the Light brightly lit, within. Those called to this evolutionary experience will not be called by curiosity, but by knowing. On a higher plane and at another place and time – this course was designed by you, for you. DeAnne will serve as a mirror and activator of an initiation you both chose and are prepared to step into at this time.

Let us venture forth together into a new day, a new time, a new era of life, meaningful service and LOVE.


DeAnne is a midwife for the space between worlds.
~ Reetah Maulden, NC

DeAnne has a rock solid center and a supreme connection to Consciousness.
~ Jennifer K. Seattle

I’’ve been thinking a lot about relationships since that class. I’ve listened to the recording 3-4 times and picked up different things each time. That particular class may have been what really drew me to this course. I feel I’’ve grown so much. I never would’ve thought I’d get so much out of a 6 week course.
~ Jeff, L.

I can’t believe we are coming to the end of our 5D consciousness class. So much wisdom, light and love to integrate…… it has been blazing amazing!!! I am evolving and trust with a heart full of gratitude that I AM becoming a new human. My life at present is rich & full – you & the Shining Ones have been an important catalyst for this state of BEING.


Much Love

I experienced lot of profound expansive shifts related to this work… grateful for the opportunity to participate!! until next week.
~ Nancy F

All in all it has been a course of much movement on the energetic and subtle levels
bringing things up into my reality experience to deal with. Thank you for all the love that you just pour out to us at every moment! I am blessed and grateful for you and the Shiny Ones who so clearly support me/us on this journey.
~ D. Anders

I have learning so much from you. You are a precursor to this planet’s awakening as each make their way to their Infinite Spiritual essence and Oneness with all of creation.
~ Love and respect, Steve G.


The Science of Consciousness will be presented @ 5pm est on consecutive Wednesdays beginning November 4th, 2014.

The energy exchange for this 6 week course is $400. Each class will be available as an mp3 – though being present for the live class is encouraged. The more present you are and the more you engage the energy being extended each week, the more you will personally gain from this course and in turn, contribute to the greater transformation occurring on the planet at this time.

Contact DeAnne by email for more details about the next course.