The Shining Ones

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The Shining Ones, one of many groups of advanced light races, are here to assist humanity through extraordinary changes in the cellular structure and DNA codex of our being. Their presence, energy and guidance has been with me since childhood and as I have grown on my own path of expansion and enlightenment, an understanding of what their purpose is in my life and for the many, has expanded.

The Shining Ones represent the higher consciousness emitting from the Galactic Core and exist along a vibrational continuum. I see the Shining Ones as great pulses of light and energy. They radiate the universal principles of love, joy, service to others, unity consciousness exemplified as the highest and best good of all of humanity and Earth; individual freedom and prosperity for all and the knowledge of the Oneness of Creation. This is the frequency and understanding of all advanced civilizations and the core essence of 5th dimensional existence. To advance spiritually as a planet we must assimilate, integrate and engage these energetic principles. We are known throughout the universe according to our vibration. Inclusivity in its highest expression is a love that transcends all.

Our inner work and expansion, the evolution of the earth, our cellular connection to the stars and our divine origins, it is all coming into alignment to aid the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. This intent was orchestrated by the original cause or prime creative intelligence which again, has been given many names and images on Earth, yet cannot be limited to any one name or image. The important point is, that the energies are asking us to move with assuredness toward that which we have aligned with in our heart and intentions.

The Shining Ones first revealed themselves to me visually in what I now call the Shining Ones Forest, here in the ancient mountains of the Blue Ridge. You can read more about this new earth oasis under my Vortex Tours. They are magnificent high beings very much connected to the Elven Kingdom and the natural world. Their understanding of, connection to and love for this planet is immense. Their presence may always be found in nature and their wisdom expressed with a compassion and love that is truly palpable.

Some time around 2003, 2004 they impressed upon me the desire to share their presence and insights with the many through the gift of my expression and the qualities that I personally embody. Thus, was created a platform of ongoing messages from my initial website, Interior Joy, Awakening To Your Authentic Purpose. Many of those beginning messages, now chronicling energy and expansion on our planet all the way through 2012, can now be found in The Shining Ones, Ambassadors of a New Age of Light.

In 2007, I began doing seminars and speaking engagements with the Shining Ones as the focal point. These events are always quite electric and moving, a portal for pure spiritual atomic energy. Each event is uniquely meaningful to the experience and persons at hand, as the Shining Ones work, through me, with the energy and need of the moment. They are loving masters whose very presence serves to activate the unlimited DNA potential of individuals ready to assume full responsibility for the unique and necessary purpose of their time here on planet earth.

In 2008, I found myself called to the river everyday over a brief span of time, writing what became The New Human, Understanding Our Humanity, Embracing Our Divinity. At that time, there was a lot of information available about a new earth, in fact the writings and teachings in The New Human came through at the same time that Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth was coming out. An energetic response and companion really to Tolle’s book, the Shining Ones were filling in the blanks so to speak by addressing the principle that we cannot have a new earth without new humans to inhabit it. So, this initial book of the New Human Paradigm is a guide book of sorts for the simple yet essential practices of any and all beings desiring to lift into 5D radiance and realize the dream of living in a very new world of frequency and light, cooperation, co-creation and Unity Consciousness.

Shortly after The New Human was published, these incredibly wise, way showers and guides of a New Sun, New Consciousness and New Paradigm for our earth and species, gently urged me to take the energies and teachings of the New Human Paradigm to radio. First, on Blog Talk Radio for the year of 2009 and the then four ensuing years through 2013, on The World Puja Network – the Shining Ones message, wisdom and templates of a new earth have been disseminated via light-codes, harmonics, sound and higher mind attunement. These radio transmissions will continue as a way to move with, follow and learn how to embody the new earth energies on DeAnne Live, beginning April 2014.

* Note the New Human Transmissions are now in its 10th year of LIVE webcasts!

We all sit at an intersection of who we once were and who we shall become. Every one is a living light vortex poised to awaken and remember who and what we are. Truly, it is time to reaffirm our vows with the light, and our promise to hold the light thru all changes and challenges on earth.

The Shining Ones are here for us all; a radiant and powerful reflection of our magnificence. They are here to assist us as we step into a future that is created day by day in a hologram of consciousness – all that comes undone is to be rewound in a new fashion.

May we all celebrate these extraordinary times together – becoming a living gift and empowered light to all and whoever crosses our path.