The New Human

At a time when so much event phenomenon is appearing on the horizon of a very new world, the new human is both an ancient teaching and future technology, emerging as a new paradigm for humankind. The species of planet earth is entering an agreed upon and full-scale reset of existence, transitioning from an experimental cycle of magnified polarity and density, to a New Age of Transparency, Authenticity and Oneness.

Among the unprecedented shifts and movement enveloping the whole of our planet at this time, is that of supreme cooperation and synchronization between our physical bodies, the body of the earth and a very distinct planetary configuration surrounding the earth’s new position in the Cosmos. The return to zero point for this species signifies a new space of being, all encompassing, as we move away from linear time to spiritual time; a more holistic understanding and integration of a space/time continuum of stacked probabilities. The upgrade is universal and fluid, we are being swept up and into a synergy wherein many bodies of intelligences and wisdom are unifying once again to restore balance and harmony to the One Organism that is life. Ultimate Consciousness is penetrating the physical, mental and emotional fields of the human dynamic, lifting the veils of an outer-directed orientation of self to a more authentic, inner-directed understanding of the True Self.

In effect, the new human is a return to innocence, because we must indeed, become like children once again. To expand beyond the perimeters of the mind and capture the infinite reach of the imagination, we must learn to move without thought, relying once again on our innate instinct, intuition, and inner sight that sees through the illusion and separation of a linear reality. The pure essence of our being is spiritual joy, experiential wonder, inspired creativity, spontaneous union with all that appears as other and mental capacities able to see through form to the light and energy of each moment. This technology of mind is empowered by the present moment, where all potential exists for each individual to re-member their sacred agreement and divine purpose as necessary stewards of a new dimension of existence.

A primary component of the return of the homolumious is the activation of DNA Light Codes. No longer dense in the sleep of group mind, we are waking to our inner light with new minds and new hearts, informed by the vibration of Unity. You are a many faceted prism, a crystal being encased in a merkabah of energy and light. The hologram of your multidimensionality is a fractal of Gaia’s Crystal Merkabah, within the One Organism of an infinite Galactic Merkabah. Each level of existence gives birth to each next level, yet all are eternally bound in Oneness. As we cooperate in greater degrees with the greater process we are all apart of, light is restored within and shines forth as a new light washing across the changing landscape of this earth ship.

When we understand and know ourselves as energy, we begin to connect with the greater information of life, that everything is connected to everything else through patterns. All Creation happens through patterns; patterns of light, sound, color, magnetic energy and us. We are never just observers and powerless components within this reality… what we bring to each moment, conscious or not, changes that moment. Consequently, we are both creators and involved in creation, everything that happens outside of us is a reflection of our inner world…who we are inside. We must begin to connect with the higher information that is being pushed down through the light waves, to interact with and expand mental conditioning and behavior to unlimited mind and action. One of the quickest ways to learn and understand the language of the light is through nature. In our return to the simplicity and innocence of true life, our connection and return to the earth is essential as we move into heart consciousness and feminine wisdom.

The new human of 5D Earth is comfortable with the unknown of existence. We cannot begin to connect with and integrate this new wave of light and very fine frequencies of ascension while remaining in the box of mental conditioning and belief. Everything is brand new in the energetic landscape around us. This work and teaching and re-membrance is what the ancients recognized and foresaw in the future of the human race. No longer can we live in the old brain and delegate personal responsibility and power outside of ourselves. The new earth is a resonance within you, ready to manifest through a new awareness and center of Self. The past and the future are collapsing in this very treasured, observed, unprecedented new cycle of humanity, and you are being vibrationally sourced to awaken to the whole, multidimensional being that you are. The new human is a new consciousness, a timely activation of a new genetics for a humanity in the upward spiral of spiritual integration; ready to be conscious creators of a world of harmony, abundance, cooperation, joy and love.