Visionary Music

I have been working with the Shapeshifter soundscapes for over a decade and value greatly their contribution to awakening and expansion. These CD’s are so much more than sound, they contain a range of frequency beyond what the ear can hear and conscious thinking mind can attune to and as such, are a tremendous tool in freeing the mind from conscious thought. The soundwaves are brought through in deep states of shamanic consciousness for the purpose of Activating dormant DNA strands, healing the emotional, mental and physical body and clearing any karmic and or ancestral residue. I became the first person certified in DNA Activation in 2001 and have traveled around the world teaching how to use them effectively and to the greatest outcome. Feel free to send me an email with any questions about where to start, how to begin and techniques for working with any of the library of Shapeshifters music. An interesting side note not everyone is aware of is that the Rejuva CD is based on my energy and connection with the natural world and children. I also wrote the companion guide to the Rejuva Soundscape. In addition,  you will find artwork and poetry on Utube for this soundscape by yours truly. I have included them under Advanced Links on this site because I feel this work compliments and honors the intention of the New Human Paradigm and the work of the Shining Ones. InJOY! DeAnne

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