Vortex Tours and Spiritual Renewal

Mystery Of The Mountains

The Earth has long been this humanity’s vibrational mirror. At no other time in our history as a species has the Earth Mother offered the invitation and potential that she does now to the human family. All of her vortices around the world, known and unknown, are activating. Her chakras and light body are cleansing, restructuring and rebalancing as she moves into a new position in the Cosmos and we have the opportunity to move with her in a synchronized attunement of expansion. We are evolving with our Beloved Gaia to a new consciousness and energy, individually and as a New Earth Family.

The Appalachian Mountains are among the most ancient in the world. Their history, lore, and vibrational significance have captivated the human spirit for hundreds of millions of years. The heart of this majestic band of mountains is located in Asheville, NC, in itself, a spiritual vortex with very high light and crystalline energy.

I have lived in Asheville for 28 years, called here myself by the ancient wisdom and vibrational potential of this mountain region. What I have learned from the Earth and the Ancients in my time with these mountains, is that every human being has a Galactic Earth Coordinate that is attuned to their highest vibrational potential ~ and that the energies, the mystery and wisdom in Asheville and surrounding areas can facilitate your re-membrance of that Soul Signature! Once you are attuned to that inner harmonic, your path will greatly accelerate in synchronicities and Guidance to get you on purpose and in your power. I bring a synthesized background of sound healing, psychology, energy intuition, music and sacred geometry to Activate DNA and facilitate the embodiment of energy consciousness!

Vortexes are places on the land where the electromagnetic energy is strong and brought to the surface. They both intersect and follow ley lines of the earth’s meridians, or grid systems: active, flowing, spiraling patterns of distinct healing force, subtle, yet powerful. Having worked with the Earth Grid and the ancients of these mountains since 1995, I am able to attune to individuals and groups through the energies of the earth and engage vortex energy in helping a person to heal their body, mind and spirit. This serves to create a new spaciousness of being with which to connect with and discover the Authentic Self. The time spent in these spiritual immersions is a time for you to free the mind and clear the heart of perceptions, beliefs, limitations and history that no longer serves.

Books have been written about these mountains and the vortex energy long before I was myself, called here, in 1995. Places like Mt Mitchell, Mt Pisgah and Craggy Gardens to name a few, are designated vortex locations. Because these areas are well publicized and easily accessed by our consistent tourist population – these older and more exposed areas are actually turning inward, while new and quite powerful vortices and grids more aligned and in support of the Divine Feminine, Heart Consciousness and alignment with a truer existence and Self, are opening up. This new energy wants to live in our bodies differently and in turn, inform our personal realities and collective world, anew. The same changes happening in our bodies are occurring within and on our planet too. These unique vortex experiences are a beautiful experience of remembering and connecting with that power and wisdom.

A Spiritual Vortex can be activated within each individual who journeys to them through intention and for some, a bit of guidance. I have been taking individuals, couples or group energy on customized, vibrational excursions for over a decade and am guided ever deeper into relationship and mastery with these ancient mountains. Every experience is unique to the individual, the moment and intention… opportunity designed to meet the preparation and readiness of the Seeker. These on the land hiking adventures can be anywhere from 2 hours to full-day and weekend vortex tours of spiritual attunement!

Each of the 9 vortex journeys offered has a unique energy signature.

Ancient Site Vortex

Deep in the Shining Ones Woods is a vortex vast with strong harmonics and rich with sacred geometries. It is both grounding and uplifting, and works deftly with all chakras to restore balance. One feels nourished and strengthened, recharged, aligned and with renewed spiritual commitment. The trees are alive with essence that pulses and breathes with you, as a mirror. There is an ancient site that rests on lay lines with the Earth’s more well know ancient sites, pristine water channels and significant extraterrestrial energy. The hikes here can be intense and the energy extremely transformative! Here is a video tour of the Ancient Site Vortex in Shining Ones Woods.

Black Dome Trinity

Three sweeping, electromagnetic vortexes located within one of 7 Major Grids in the Western Carolinas. Few vortexes in the world hold a comparable charge – the Black Dome Trinity is a GENERATOR, as well as a Ley Terminal. Earth Generators serve to sustain the charge or vitality of the entire area, so you can imagine what it does for humans. A large number of Ley lines, both local and global, converge here. Convergent points are especially potent. This experience will stimulate the kundalini, each peak providing very pure healing and balancing energies, sure to stir the awakening of soul consciousness. The Black Dome Trinity requires a minimum of a 1/2 day, morning commitment and includes some steep elevation.

Cathedral Rock Vortex

This vortex is the most popular with inspiring views. One can access their Higher Self Matrix or inner guides, view their life on the greater time/space continuum, travel to the heart of the earth mother and open the self to healing. This electric vortex grounds and supports an individual, strengthening the earth element while opening to the Cosmic Heart. You can actually see and feel the world grid here!

Interdimensional Canyon Vortex

This vortex is more magnetic in nature, showing one resolutions to challenges and new ideas, expanding the awareness of higher dimensional energies. Working with the Central Column of Light and the pristine consciousness of water, Interdimensional Canyon vortex opens and stimulates the chakra system while supporting finding clarity in one’s life path. This experience gives the ability to intuitively alter and adjust any situation.

Altar of the Soul Vortex

This one is an easy hike and requires limited hiking skills, yet is powerful in its pulsing resonance. This vortex is electromagnetic, you can literally hear the harmonics like the rocks and mountains are singing, carrying energies upwards and creating new ways to view old problems. New ideas and thoughts can flood the consciousness in those wanting this experience. This vortex is all about harmony and balance.

Enchanted Forest Sky Portal Vortex

This is an awesomely beautiful hike up a rugged switchback trail. The climb is medium to strenuous but with the rewards of views that are phenomenal. Orb energy is especially high here as well as mirrors for the Authentic Self. One can step backward or forward through time to access other time lines and gather a new center and power of Self as a doorway to Divine Purpose.

Breath, Clarity, Inner Child Re-union Vortex

Strong elemental and fairy presence, Magnetic Earth Energy – stimulates healing, heart-opening, surrender, intuition. You will experience a lot of invitation to get-off-the-wheel and PLAY: Delight, Wonder, Joy.

Cascading Falls, Spiritual Re-union and JOY Vortex

This is an incredible hike east of Asheville. From pleasant strolls along the river on the lower tiers to fierce ascents on the upper falls, this experience is a compact vision quest you will not soon forget! There are many portals all along the creek and a magnificent Goddess Tree named Ysidra ( Gift of the Goddess) that oversees all the activity in this area. The earth energy here is strong, Gaia’s heart, her elementals and the devic kingdom all converge in this vortex, even as they engage the angelics and awaken the inner child – creating a power you can truly embody! Many dolphin memories and dreams are accessed through this area.

Kundalini, Divine Mother, New Earth Rise Vortex

Earth, our planet, is becoming more and more alive all the time. And we are a part of that! Since 2001, I have witnessed this area expand to mirror the RISE of humanity’s ascension. The journey starts out in a beautifully winding spiral up to a stunning waterfall that looks like something out of the Lord Of The Rings. A significant power spot with ancient rock formations to explore, this area is FILLED with sound, creating beacons for the celestial realms. The journey continues with a steep but sweeping climb that feels like you are entering the Mother’s great secrets. Finally to be rewarded with a tower of rock that looks out onto a new world. This spot is a vibrational match for 2022 with many secrets to reveal.

Power, Liberation and Divine Merge Vortex

This vortex area reminds me of a Coronation! An arrival at the door of one’s destiny! First you experience a descent that will wrap you in wonder, enchantment and the love of the Mother. The hike eventually opens up into epic vistas, majestic rock formations that carry ancient secrets and a symphony of harmonics that communicate to humanity on a deep, cellular level. You will climb to the top of a Beacon Vortex, with both terrestrial and celestial ley lines, which is rare and potent.Finally, this day experience unfolds into exquisite, dancing waters filled with invitation, healing, transformation and LOVE!! This vortex experience is a greater investment of time and energy* – but you will leave knowing your life will never be the same!


What Is Your Investment? If you want to experience a truly life-changing transformation, we recommend devoting 3 to 5 full days to your personalized spiritual retreat with Mystery of the Mountains Vortex Tours. Travel time and sightseeing can be added to either end of your stay in and around the mountains of Asheville, NC. Each spiritual adventure and nature attunement is designed and customized for the individual. You may choose anywhere from a 2 hour to 3 day tour of the magic and mystery that is this ancient mountain range. No matter how great or small the time you gift to this renewal and activation, you will enter into the experience as an identity you know yourself to be… and leave with greater connection to your multidimensionality, a new found joy and freedom.

2 Hour Guided Vortex Tour: $200

3 hour Guided Vortex Tour: $275

1/2 Day Guided Vortex Tour: $350

Full Day Guided Vortex Tour: $600

*Note: The Power, Liberation and Divine Merge Vortex requires a Full Day Tour option.

Special rates for multi-day packages available.


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What people are saying:

Dear DeAnne,

Thank you so much for sharing your energy and knowledge with me. It was truly a beautiful experience.

Love, Rebecca Abbie,
Wilmington, DE

I am so grateful for the experience of working with you. The journey you took us on was nothing short of pure magical, it felt like we entered a new Dimension of reality and/or of Earth. You are an excellent mentor, I do believe you have already established a portal to the new Earth. We were blessed that you took us to this wondrous place.

It was a day of emotional purifying and release for me.

Thank you!
Lori B. MN

As I settle back into my life in Ohio, I feel like a completely different person! Thank you for facilitating such a major shift in consciousness for me. You are a gift. Give my love to those beautiful pups – I was thinking about how extraordinary it was how they participated in my healing.

Alison P. April 2023

I have been doing vortex tours with you for 3 years now and the progression of being with the Earth Mother this way has changed my life. I am so grateful to you and Her. You have taught me to go to nature in a completely different way, to see things I would never have known or understood without your wisdom. I feel in a bit of wonder about how you know what you know. You always say that you learn from Her, the Earth, and I believe that is true. Thank you SO much for being my teacher, guide, life coach and the truest Earth lover I have ever known. Each time we go, I know the Mother and my Self so much better.

Love to you always,
Amy H. Nebraska 2021 – 2023.

Thank you DeAnne. This experience blew my mind. My head is kinda spinning with the volume of information and understanding you shared. I feel like so many questions I have been asking on my journey were answered in 3 short hours. I am filled with wonder. I will be back.

Julia B. NY March 2022

DeAnne ushered us into a joyous and resplendent 5D Earth experience. I was able to reconnect with myself and attune to the Earth Mother’s divine love and abundance on a profound level. This experience was deeply therapeutic, transformative and left me feeling quite hopeful about the world, especially during such chaotic and exhausting times on our planet.

Karen B. Washington, DC July 2020

I came to experience vortex energies to help me remember my purpose. I have heard a lot about the shift to 5D, but didn’t really understand what that meant. After this experience, everything about life and my personal experience makes so much sense in a kind of mind boggling way. WOW!! And I haven’t felt joy like this in a long time. I left feeling filled up – I know I will be thinking a lot about what it will feel like to be free. I came away knowing that I AM medicine!!

Courtney J. Salem, Oregon June 2020

Thank you DeAnne, for showing us how magical life can be. This experience was as moving as it was rich with information. You gave us much to think about personally and about life in general. We were very touched and left feeling a lot of peace. Thanks to the Shining Ones, too!

Lots of Love,

Heidi, David and Madeline, Central Ohio 2020

On January 1st of 2020,  my wife and I went into the vortices with DeAnne.  I was very nervous beforehand as on some deep level I knew our three hour jaunt would be transformative and would shake up and remove some of the cobwebs within my system.  It did.

DeAnne sensitively and strongly took us on a voyage.  She did tell us our lives would not be the same after our trek through the woods.  She was right.  I have wanted to become vegetarian for years as well as to reduce sugar intake.  I wanted my heart to be more open to receiving and giving love.  All of these occurred and have held in place since our magical experience with DeAnne.
Carl Jung the noted psychiatrist told us that we can only help people deepen to the level that we have deepened ourselves.  DeAnne’s depth through her years of exploration creates the perfect milieu for you to deepen.  It is worth traveling to Asheville,  NC to meet DeAnne and to allow her to guide you through her magical forests.  You will be grateful during and afterwards.
Dr.  Jonathan Cohen,   Glenmoore PA
Your tour gave me a lot to ponder, as well as, healing. You said it would be transformative or at least assist with our transformation. And you certainly delivered. Your tour was a true education. On your website you said a few journeys may be required. I also agree. This is similar to Glastonbury Tour. Each time going a little deeper, like a spiritual pilgrimage, peeling away the ego layers of who we think we are, to reveal what our greater selves want us to become…if we allow it.
The Egyptian Book of the Dead talks about Coming Forth by Day which is really a spiritual evolution to be done while living. To embrace our true divinity here and now.
I see with you, that celebration of the abundant life of the natural world and the joy of the wood. The mysteries it teaches to share with those who are ready.
Happy blessings to you always.
Will Cuevas, Margarita Rubiano – World Travelers
Update to a 2012 Vortex Experience!

Heaveno DeAnne,

I did a vortex hike with you in 2012 with my 10 yr old daughter. I was new to my awakening at that time and you took us to a goddess type vortex. Oh what a miraculous shift has occurred since then and I wanted to share this with you because I feel the vortex experience with you shifted my energy and helped me become vegan. I have made it fully into 5D now, I work with plant medicines now in healing and helping others to clear trauma and wounding. I have since been back to Asheville every few years and would love to do another vortex hike with you. I just wanted to share gratitude, you are an Amazing Soul.

In Love, Harmony, Compassion, Peace, Unity and Service,
Maura, Florida  April 2021

Thank you DeAnne, for a life changing experience. You’ve definitely crossed something off my bucket list that I didn’t even know was there. I am really going to sit/lie in stillness for a while and just allow my energy to be, to process and integrate. My whole trip has been nothing short of magical – I have learned so much and am grateful to you for your part in that.

Bless you! I appreciate you so much!!
Michelle B. Rhode Island August 2021