The New Human Transmissions

Webcasts by DeAnne

DeAnne has done over 250 webcast shows in the last five years, first on BlogTalk Radio and then on World Puja. She continues the tradition on DeAnne Live. Members can play and download all of her live and archived webcasts.
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“What an extraordinary 5th Dimensional Show you channeled today! I was taken to a place of new creation, new love, and new journeys on a healed planet. When you sang at the end I got goose shivers for a long time. Thank you so much for being a Way-Shower for the rest of us.”
~ Jamie in Great Britain

“DeAnne is one of those rare gifts for humanity – her words and voice are truly inspirational and empowering during these transitional times. Her work on the planet brings joy to the hearts of those looking for meaning and purpose in their lives as we all step into our 5th Dimensional Bodies of Light.”
~ JoAnn Chambers – Visionary Music

Guided Meditations

Every webcast has a guided meditation with beautiful music. Many of these meditations are available as mp3 files. This includes:

~ meditations from all webcasts on DeAnne Live
~ user favorites from previous webcasts

Here’s a portion of a recent meditation:

Restorative Meditation ~ Harmonizing With The Light
From the 2014-12-06 webcast on DeAnne Live
Music: Devi Puja by Krishna Das

Members can listen and download meditations here.

“Your attunement to this new light, to the New Earth and ability to articulate these new templates for humanity is equally profound and enlightening. I love cruising the Universe in your spaceship and feel yours in a Cosmic wisdom. Thank you for showing up for humanity at this time and your willingness to be seen in such an authentic light.

You are one of the truly beautiful people in the world and I love you!”
~ Sam in Sweden

Webcast Archives

Members can listen and download any of the last 200 webcasts on the Archives page. The archives are organized by year.

Non-members can view the entire list of webcasts via the “Archive Contents” link below.

Archive Contents
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