Peru 2020

Following the spiral, following the Mother; deepening our connection to Truth, opening our hearts to ancient wisdoms, embodying fully our Christed nature.


Every moment has led to this NOW for our individual and collective humanity. A culmination of extreme shadow and light throughout our history, 2020 vibrates 4, which is about harmony and co-creation, maintaining of a higher order, the emergence of a new dream reality. The vibration of 4 is considered a door to illumination or initiation. And so it is. 

Following the invitation of the Mystery, Divine forces and new timeline energies, the synchronistic world has created a magical 11 day experience that moves East to West across the entire country of Peru. Landing in Lima, we will take a day flight over the top of Machu Picchu to the Amazon, where we will spend Earth Day in the jungle and truly anchor this intention with local guides who delight in sharing indigenous cuisine, secrets of the jungle and truly unique, up close wildlife experiences.

FIRST AND FOREMOST – this experience is about Gaia – the 5D Earth – and stepping through doorways that allow us to live fully in the new energy. The itinerary unfolded organically to eclipse, both geographically and in events, with Machu Picchu being the center point, the apex of our movement and intention. We will spend 2 days @ Machu Picchu to include the special, limited entry experience of Huayna Picchu – which will be like hiking up the center of the ascension spiral above newly discovered Crystal Chambers and ancient Lemurian Ancestry of this ancient land. The water experience after Machu Picchu on the Urubamba River, is purposeful in helping to set the new crystalline energy we will be activating. We will then integrate the prior weeks experience in the breathtaking Sacred Valley and by taking part in a Pachamama Ceremony with an Andean Shaman to honor, heal and celebrate the Earth Mother. What we do for Her, we do for ourselves and our world.

Below you will find the full itinerary! Take a deep breath and allow its energy and intention to marinate you in its wonder and wisdom. Know that this is a time-sensitive initiative and I encourage you to not think – feel and KNOW the role you are ready to step into and embody – in service to LOVE. I spoke recently of a SHIFT in my embodiment experience where I now understand that it is not about the why or what I will get from an experience I AM having in this NOW. It is about what I AM bringing TO each new experience I engage and step into. And I offer this prism shift to you, as well, because this is 5D – this is the new dynamic of energy – this is about US in our embodiment, showing up to serve. In this Peru Initiative – we are coming to serve. I AM anchoring it – you are shaping it. The most important piece of this Peru experience is not the itinerary – it is YOU.

The Eternal Earth, air, heaven
that glory, the resplendence of the Sun
May we contemplate the brilliance of that light
May the Sun inspire our minds.
Amazon, Sacred Valley, Cusco, Machu Picchu Pilgrimage ~
we come, we serve, we LOVE.
PERU 2020

11/11/19 Full Itinerary:

12/12/19 SAVE $100 off full trip price with early registration by 12/12

Deposits of $1,200 due when you register!

1/22/2020 Registration Closes


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