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Namaste’ New HUmans,

The Lion’s Gate Portal opens this Thursday and reaches its peak on August 12th! If you wonder what in the world is generating new activity in your world, it has everything to do with this dynamic portal created between the Earth and Sirus, the brightest star in the sky. More than any other energy phenomena, the annual Lion’s Gate activity in our world provides humanity with significant access to realms and Presence of light activity that is truly unprecedented. Given the greater Ascension energy and movement already underway this year, the Lion’s Gate of 2022 lends itself to a spectacular amplification on behalf of this species and planet. This activity has already and will continue to launch many into heightened integration. I AM experiencing so much energy in my body, so much clear communication from the higher realms and so much clarity about how this shift will continue to unfold, that I feel surely I will soon lose the capacity to even articulate the fullness of what it is for us to embody a Planetary and Solar System Realm Shift. One thing I know for sure, everything that is here and present is available to help us, you, me, to assist us in developing very unique specialties that are essential in the Collective moving forward.

I FEEL myself changing – not via my thoughts but through ENERGY. The image you see here, I FEEL that energy IN MY BODY. In my cells. It completely disarms the mind and allows a higher intelligence in. Maybe this is the perspective of the new operating system? and it makes sense because this planet is changing, metamorphosing tremendously. But I feel/ it is quite surreal to even articulate, but I feel my brain, consciousness – no loner scanning and retrieving from the past – but from the future. Meditate on and feel that – you cannot help but sense how stunning and unimaginable that is to experience. No past – no triggers – a new gravity so determined to raise the consciousness and energy of this planet – that what used to distract and tether us is just not even in the same atmosphere.

I really want to – look forward to – am GRATEFUL to spend time ON THE LION’S GATE, creating a space with and for you to explore the new widespread activation of consistent I AM Presence that is here, NOW, to assist in both resolving and refreshing our journeys. I HAVE SO MUCH TO SHARE!! We have entered a period of rapid-fire shifts that will express as doors closing on old energies, choices and expressions… while simultaneously OPENING GATEWAYS to a very NEW integrated experience of Presence. STUNNING Presence and communication underway across the realms. This Lion’s Gate 2022 amplifies an accelerated movement, including astonishing acceleration in the physical capacity to be open conduits for a very new energy anchoring a new future, through us, NOW.

Notice how both the images here, taken on different days in different locations – ARE NOT STATIC. It is so uncanny! They are VIBRATING, they have a hum, I feel them watching me. As always, the Quantum Field is mirroring back to us who and what we are; Frequency, Vibration, Sound, BEAUTIFUL LIGHT, vast and eternal ENERGY!! Do not doubt this for a moment. Also, pay attention because this “blue” energy is new in the field – it is a different level of Presence.

As you prepare for this Gateway… know that during this time, we receive light code activations that awaken us and align us with our potential. Light codes of ascension, soul mastery, and divine potential are released and sent toward planet Earth. I had THE MOST POWERFUL energy experience of my life during the Lion’s Gate Portal.

Here are a few suggestions that may help with these light code activations:

Pay extra attention to your solar plexus. This center is where our power sits. Is your solar plexus clear, balanced, and healthy? (Note, we will do a meditation to clear and balance ALL the chakras in the August New HUman Transmission: 8/8/22!)

Wear the color yellow. Yellow brings in confidence, joy and boosts our self-esteem.

Carry or wear the following crystals;  Carnelian, Red Hematoid Quartz, Citrine, Sun Stone and Yellow Calcite.

Bring sunflowers in your space.

Breathe in life force energy into your solar plexus a few times a day. Envision a Sun in your being.

Face the sun and soak up the masculine influence of the golden central sun.

Write down goals and give voice to them, then send them out into the universe. Your voice has power!

Get out of routine, emphasize Self Care and ALLOW SPIRIT to flow fresh EVERYTHING, into your world.

Grateful for you ALL, Grateful for it ALL.
So much Love, Peace and Expansive Flow to each and every One,

DeAnne and the Shining Ones

Lion’s Gate Portal – 7/28 – 8/ 14.
New Human Lion’s Gate Transmission 8/8/22! 11:11am eastern
Theme: Unprecedented FLIGHT!
Meditation: 8 Lotus/Chakra Attunement
Music: Call Within (Instrumental)
Artist: Manose

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11 comments on “Lion’s Gate ~ August Webcast!
  1. Catherine Ewing says:

    Thank you for this message and amazing images DeAnne! I’ve been doing the 7/3 meditation daily and loving it! And I’m excitedly looking forward toward our time together in October! Would you please clarify whether the August Lion’s Gate Transmission will take place on Sunday, 8/7/22 or Monday, 8/8/22? Thanks, Catherine

    • DeAnne says:

      I really did mean LION’S GATE – 8/8/ webcast! 😉 I know this is unusual but I AM hosting Sophia Council on 8/7 – and CHANGING THINGS UP IS GOOD! I will remind many times – promise. And yes, I have 10/25 – 10/27 and tentatively 10/28 marked off for you/and Jim. SO VERY HONORED AND IN AWE of this new energy – who knows who/where/what we will be by October! 😍🙏🌎

      • Cewing144 says:

        Thanks DeAnne! What a special treat to have the Sophia Council AND the Lion’s Gate! Looking forward to it all, and to whatever unfolds in October! Always grateful for all you’re bringing forth! 🙏

  2. Robert Ong says:

    LOVE IT!!

  3. ruty says:

    Agog. SAFE RIDE to All.

  4. Jaci Oshun says:

    Blessed be! 8/8 resonates with me! Gracias

  5. ruty says:

    The great satchmo said-” Oh when the Saints go marching in(HOME)”

    The DIVINE BLUE will print us NEW.(I ask that it’ll shape me too)

    What A Chalice, Chariot- the UP coming down for the down to come UP.

    I feel The Lions are waiting! ready, steady…08/08 Go !!.
    “In the jungle(humanity)the mighty jungle The LIONS (LIGHT WORKERS)…”
    will A WAKE that night.
    I drank this Blue- the effect …

  6. Karen says:

    Hi DeAnne & Shining Ones…..I am back….gratefully & enthused to once again delve deeply into the Blue Light/Love that is magnificently & joyfully cascading down & through us this Lions Gate of 2022. I have lots of catching up to do in listening to past webcasts & meditations, but have always kept in touch with your blogs to stay attuned to your words of wisdom …..thank you again & again & again!
    Much love from beautiful & tropical Port Douglas FNQ Australia (where the Daintree rainforest meets the sea) & where I have been blessed to now call my earthly home. xxx

  7. Kathleen says:

    Can’t wait until you lead us through the Lion’s Gate 8/8 Portal!!! Hmmmm, I can’t find the link to it …

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