Exploring With August Energies


There is a new level of communication from the Earth present with this new month of August 2014. I encourage you to spend time exploring and experiencing the New Earth vibrations and really sense the integration of Cosmic activity grounding in with the New Light expansion on the Earth plane. It is easy to get caught up in the intensity of this integration activity and then forget to enjoy the experience of waking up and being so much more in touch with our senses. Revelation Gateways and increased solar activity will be soothed and smoothed as you intend a deeper communion with the Earth. It is so important to be working in alignment with these New Light energetics, imagine the power of August as a magic carpet that is here to carry you into, over and through new experiences with the Earth Mother. I am sharing some beautiful earth light with you here from a recent experience out in the blue ridge mountains around home. In each moment, no matter what you are experiencing in the illusion outside of you, intend a peaceful, balanced state of beingness as you continue to welcome the mystery of your Self to unfold as a new level of Mastery on the earth plane.

Each of the photos may be seen in expanded view by tapping on each one! EnJOY!

Vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains

20140730_113638These bees were LOUD with song, busy creating and
doing the work of Creation. They are good role models
for us at this time.







Shining Rock Wilderness


20140730_125621Looking Glass Falls










The Bee Balm growing by the falls was spectacular!








Light Dancing off the water, simply stunning!


Shining the Light of Love to all of us during this Divine passage to a new relationship with all of Creation. Be patient with one another, love one another with all your being, reach out, lift up and be selfless in your interactions because truly we have only just begun to experience the full supports, abundance, power and transformation of the Light that is here now for the human species.

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3 comments on “Exploring With August Energies
  1. Karen says:

    Such Beauty to Behold…..I love you Mother Earth (((((((+)))))))

  2. DeAnne says:

    me too Karen. And WAIT til you see the beauty I captured today! Stay TUNED! 🙂

  3. Nikki says:

    Really feeling the August energies, wow even still buzzing off July!!! what a beautiful ride we are on…..expanding inside out….yeehar!!
    You are awesome DeAnne!!!!
    just sayin..

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