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Moments Of Bliss

Good Morning Light Tribe,
Jim, Bodhi and I went exploring on a little adventure yesterday! There are some popular waterfalls in Dupont State Forest that we frequent often – but I recently learned there is another lesser known waterfall in the

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Stepping Out Ahead

Good Morning New Humans,
I think it is fairly easy to say that we are all finding ourselves in places we’ve never been before! Navigating reality from a fearless, spontaneous and trusting heart-space is new territory for most of humanity. The

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Feeling Truly Alive

Gratitude and infinite blessings to ALL who joined in the New Human webcast yesterday. Please make time to listen as there is a LOT of intel shared, deep sustenance for the lightbody and Divine you, with vibrational sharing of what

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Webcast: 2015-06-07 ~ 2015, From Alignment To Mastery

Dear New HUman Tribe of Light, I am so looking forward to spending time with all of you this Sunday. I have felt this coming show downloading and fine-tuning my being for the better part of this week. We did...

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New June Transmission TODAY, The New Human

Doors flung wide open, love as presence, light as magic, creativity expressing from passion, with opportunities abound! These are the themes and invitation of June. But it is not enough to know this – you must feel and assimilate the

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Come and share in this love with me tomorrow on a NEW and live transmission of The New Human Paradigm. As we come together in new ways and express in new ways and truly SEE one another in new ways~

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Expansive Views

Thought for the day new humans – wouldn’t it be great to stand in a chosen spot and be able to see clearly where we came from and where we are going, all inclusive? In a time and space where

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“The spirituality I am discovering is outside of all boxes, but it is not outside the world – it is bringing me closer to the world – it is bringing me to a place where spirit collides with matter and

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Not Tomorrow, Or Next Week Or Some Day…

June has entered with a wide open YES as we shift from Alignment into Mastery for 2015! Are you ready for that new hUman? There is the opportunity to anchor these pure, expansive energies with grace and ease, a timely

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Anahata, Intentions For June

The first of the month is a great time to get in touch with intention, especially a month beginning the movement into the second half of the year. I found this beautiful green symbol to express the Anahata, or heart

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